Chinese VFX Awesomeness

Anybody know anyone in the Chinese Real Time VFX community? It would be great to get in touch with our counterparts overseas and start knowledge sharing. I know I’m referencing their stuff all the time. So many good things on huaban and cgjoy. Makes me wish I knew Chinese…

EDIT: the cgjoy link no longer seems to be working. Instead, you can find much of the same content (and more!) here:


Thanks for sharing! Those VFXs are truly inspiring. Bookmarked. :slight_smile:

Dis some good stuff right here! I might have the contact info of some of our Chinese VFX artists that worked on HoN. I’ll post it if I can find it!

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Yah! Any insight into that part of the industry would be super helpful.

there are forums out there like element3ds & cgwell, where you can check out all different types of 3d & 2d effects with tutorials, personal works etc. You gather points on a daily basis and then you can download some source files of effects.

These websites are truely animation and effects focused maybe we can adapt something like they have with the source files & tutorial section.


Yes! Thank you, Google Translate. I tried creating an account on element3ds, but it says “This site is prohibited Register.” I think that means I’m not allowed :^(

As for cgwell, it seems to be a strong community of game VFX artists. Definitely a lot we can learn from there. Sure, there’s a language barrier, but I’ll see what i can do to engage more with that community, and foster some cross-over going both ways.

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I got an account on both websites, surely I can explain you how to get one done right :slight_smile:


So I’m technically Chinese ('MERRICA), but I did a good chunk of that work on Infinite Crisis! I think they took those from my reel:


This course was shared with me today:


amazing! I like this one even more:


A course? Is there any way to watch/buy this? Can’t speak Chinese so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I have bookmarks of some free courses of them, I 'll share them as soon as I get back home.

P.S. Even I can’t speak or read Chinese but somehow I managed to register myself on their site. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great! Can’t wait for the linkz! :slight_smile:

To post what I posted on the fb group a few months ago:

So since a lot of you reacted so enthusiastic about Cheng Gang his reel. ( )

I’ll also share his (Chinese) cascade tutorials: (2nd link, just under the ue4-related image)
In which he first explains his “mindset” workflow and initial idea’s for these effects in a mind-mapping app.

then he goes and shows how he created some of the effects used in the reel. It wont go into all details, and to be fairly honest…
almost everything he shows is rather basic and should be in anybody their skill set after a few months of real time vfx. (at least for ue4)

Regardless, imho that is a good lesson as Cheng is using rather basic stuff to create mind-boggling effects, showing how important timing, anticipation, buildup, feel for movement is.
And its that knack for this timing/anticipation that I know I am still lacking.

The combined videos are around 3-4 hours, and even though they are in chinese… if you know ue4/3dsmax you can follow it quite well.

To give you an idea on how well he thought the effects trough… riiight before the creature is summoned one of the beams moves closer towards the floor, creating more dust and debris.
Its those little things you occasionally dont even spot that makes his effects some of the best I have seen in a long while.

Oh, and protip if you want to take apart the reel itself, watch it trough which allows you to watch youtube videos even slower.

Oh, and cgwell has more videos vfx related, some of them for unity.:
Just be patient as the website is slow as dirt for non-rather-local internet users.


as @Luos_83 already posted
This is what I had in my bookmarks. I also have some source files lying around. I ll see if I can find them :slight_smile:



Thanks for your posts guys!

@iNoob @Luos_83

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Looks sick, how do I sign up for the website. The sign in process is all in Mandarin. Looks like I need a phone app or somthing?

That is Wechat app. @Russell

Just in case you dont know where to click for the Cheng Gang videos:


Hello, I am very happy to see your question, first of all, I am a Chinese, and secondly, I also visual effects division, and third, you made these sites I have close contact, these courses I have to learn, I also hope to learn and exchange with foreign friends. Finally, I’m sorry I’m not good at English