Chinese VFX Awesomeness

@Sirhaian CGWell$CGJoy are both online tutorial website.They have lots of good courses that must be can login both use the account QQ.There is also online VR tutorial about UEAboutCGBTW CGJoy allowed pay by VISA,CGWell can not.I’m Chinese.Glad to help yours:stuck_out_tongue:


@Keyserito I did an fx test once and the guy critiquing it negatively said, “Feels like you just threw the kitchen sink at it.”
Mileage may vary.

Depending on the game, throwing kitchen sinks might just be the perfect thing to do! :^D

But I understand: sometimes clarity is more important than overwhelming the senses. Either way, now I’m curious to see the test. lol.


Really appreciate this post, thank you! Keyserito! Your isometric Hero VFX breakdowns on youtube got me started, thank you for those as well!

yar. Just took a look at your site. Always good to see another VFX artist join the ranks ;^]

Hi guys, do you know if it’s actually possible to join this course somewhere? or if they released the videos from the lessons? On CgWell, it’s called “Game Effects Improvement Classes (Three)” (at least this is the translation from Google :slight_smile: ) It would be great to learn these techniques :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your info. Anto

I’d be very interested in watching the course you posted here Is it on the page somewhere?


Even if it is, a repost of this stuff doesn’t get old xD

Cant. Stop. Watching.

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Me too interested in this course

This is like “Everything you need to know about VFX” course. But I can’t figure out how to watch/download this course.

you have to sign up for these. Especially they send you a pdf with details, that is asking you to put in all your info and why you want to do the course. You have to apply to it.

Hi @VinceWee , do you know if that course is opened to somebody who lives in Europe? Because on the website it looks like you have to live in China for being able to join it… if you have more info about it, it would help a lot. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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大家好,感谢你的分享。我 是中国的一名游戏特效师,希望和大家相互分享和学习。

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I bought the first course…

So they aren’t like a sign up thing, but you can just buy tutorials?

hi.I am a client of CGwell and tutorial need chinese ID card

I’d love to actually buy these courses, but have no clue how to sign up :V It seems you need a Chinese ID or phone number

Hi everybody! I’m a Chinese VFX Artist.
I’m so sorry to tell you, the course about Cheng Gang can’t sell for foreigner now.
The Webmaster of CGwell said:Sorry, the course currently only for Chinese citizens in mainland China to provide services.

Although you can’t buy the CGwell’s courses,you can click
to try the course which is CGjoy’s fourteenth course. It is a course about Unity too.Just it is a course which be issued about 7years ago.So the technology maybe backwardness.By the way, this course is use Unity old unity3.x? last but not least,This course is for free.(if you can click in…)

I think you can try to go on the free course to test yourself can adapt for Chinese course or not.

Sorry for my poor English.

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this is the picture that the Webmaster of CGwell said:Sorry, the course currently only for Chinese citizens in mainland China to provide services.