Waiter, there's something floating in my soup!

Video in 4K UltraHD :

I love cartoony and anime stylized game art! A good amount of my time every day is spent scouring the
Chinese VFX Awesomeness pinterest boards and several other websites linked there. While it’s almost impossible to find and credit the artist(s), I heavily draw inspiration for this piece and many others from there. Please do reach out to me if you’d happen to know the awesome people who do them! I would absolutely ~LoOoOovE~ to have a chat ! :smiley:

I learned a lot during this project and also got a bunch of help from peers at work, as well as members of this awesome rtvfx community! Be sure to join the Discord Server if you haven’t already! Getting quick answers and help when I got stuck at making the shader work was invaluable! :smiley: