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Most Recent WIP: Low poly grass.



Really cool to do all of this in a shader! What you could improve is the timing. For example: When the jelly reaches the highest point, it is immediately pushed downward again like it would hit a ceiling. You could checkout animation principle videos to improve this:


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Jumping Jelly (Just a fun little shader to kick things off.)
This weekend I was messing around with a shader to scale rings with a constant width for particles using world offset. One thing led to another.
I made this jello/slime like shader. It’s a fun material but I’m not planning to make a game using it, so I figure why not share.


Radial Screen Space Distortion Effect

This is a screen space effect that creates a radial distortion around a given location in worldspace.
Could also be used with combat vfx to create a shockwave.

Here I’m just cycling through a few random textures and parameters to demonstrate the range of the effect. sorry the quality of this vid isn’t great.

Most of the heavy hits in the naruto game use an effect like this to create something like a motion blur effect. you can see it in alot of places in this video but it’s so fast that you have to watch closely and maybe slow it down a bit.

Doorway to Hueco Mundo


Cubemap based Crystal Material


This method should work well for crystal and ice type materials.
The cubemap can be pretty small I’m using a 64x64x6, which I made inside the engine.
To do this just grab a sphere and apply a world aligned noise to it. Take a pic of the inside with a SceneCaptureCube.

Then for the crystalline uv offset use a texture like this one. Very easy to make in substance designer.

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Turns out if you take a couple sprites you can make a pretty convincing oval from any camera angle. Not sure if this is anymore performant than using a sphere static mesh, just wanted to see if it would work.

End goal is to look something like the attack here from the fate series.

Low Poly Grass.

Experimenting with methods to mitigate overdraw.

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