Can I run an image sequence using 'Mesh Renderer' with Niagara?

As the title says, is this possible?

If SubUV is not functional using image sequence with Niagara, what is the workaround and is there any links to this information? Thank you in advance for your time

It seems to work no problem using the ‘Sprite Renderer’ method but when I input my cylinder with the ‘Mesh Renderer’ method, the mosaic texture is visible on the geometry and not the animation sequence.
Adding the SubUV modules dont seem to fix anything.

Don’t forget in the Mesh Renderer you still need to set the “Sub Image Size” which is the number of Rows and Columns.

Oh I guess I should ask, which version are you using? I don’t see the Sub UV option in 4.24, but it is in 4.25. If you don’t have the option for it, you may need to go a different route and use the Flipbook node in the material editor to handle the switching of the frames.

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