Bryan Bargoin : Sketch #48



Last update (and the only one) !

(Screenshot of the final version)

Everything is done, so I’ll make a little breakdown of the techniques I used.

A decal to create the hot ashes on the ground.

breakdown - decal gif

To simulate the light movement of the fire, I made an emitter on Cascade that only spawn particles with lights (shadow on).

breakdown - lights gif

The fire itself is mainly composed of those 2. One cylinder that gives the basic shape and one billboard plane, a little bit stretched. The only downside of this technique is that you can clearly see the meshes edges from a top view.

breakdown - meshes gif

The displacement and the UV distortion clearly played a huuuuge part on getting the flow / movement right.

For the flames turning around the sword, some classic swirls.

breakdown - twirles gif

And finally, the emitter spawning the little stuff!

I also tried to used normal to create distortion effect but it turns out not very good, the fire was losing it flows. It was either too strong or barely noticeable so I choose to hide it until I know how to properly used them.

Again, a super fun and learning challenge !