Battle Principal Yuumi fan made

I tried to make a fan artwork of the Q ability of the LoL Battle Principal Yuumi skin, although it may be incomplete, it was enjoyable to do. I am open to your questions and critiques. Thank you!


did you use the follow-path method for this?

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I used the spline editor in Unity.
You can use the spline editor to edit and create the desired follow path.
Unity package from git url: com.unity.splines@2.2

thanks so that I can use this in VFX Graph am I right?

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Yes, you can use it, but create an empty game object and give it a spline component. Also, make sure that the parent of the effect is the empty object. (Note: I used a particle system in the effect.)

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Okay, thanks. I wanted to ask you something more may I ?

Sure, I’ll be happy to help.

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thanks so here is my post How to rotate shape in same angel like follow path if you see this you will under stand. I need to make the shape follow like you in 360 in VFX Graph but it’s not working. if you can help me with that should be great .

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First, create a spline with a circle in the Hierarchy (you need to have the spline editor package installed).

Then, create an empty object in the Hierarchy and add the Spline Animate component from the Add Component menu.

Place your effect inside the empty object.
image (2)
Drag and drop the circle spline that we created onto the ‘Spline’ section of the empty object.

Don’t forget that you can adjust the size of the circle spline as desired from here.

Our circle area.
And Final:
I hope I have understood your request correctly and that this helps you.


okay, thanks, Let me try this I hope Its works with VFX Graph. I am stuck from 21 days

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Hi I got this it worked thanks a lot, How Can Play this with VFX Graph play bottom because I have other Stuff As well with another VFX graph I wanted to play all of them together.

I’m sorry, I didn’t fully understand.

I am getting issues with playing together with my other VFX Graph I did try too much try to Match this with my Other Effact but When I play it all together It’s meshing up sometimes stuck and sometimes plays quickly you can see this video you will get an Idea Dropbox - movie_074.mp4 - Simplify your life

You can create a new spline for each effect group. I’m sorry, nothing else comes to mind.

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okay, thank you so much.

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