Attempt of a Nothern Lights with "volumetric" feel - UE4

Hey there explosions lovers,

This is my first post here, hope I’m doing it right :innocent:

I’m working for some time on a Northern Lights with a volumetric feel. I’ve already worked on this subject some years ago but couldn’t find any convincing way to make it look good.

Some month ago, I found some tutorial to make parallax effect, playing with the camera vector to give a feel of depth in a shader. I wanted to use that on this project and see how it goes.

After some month and a lot of reaserch, I finally managed to do something in Unreal :

I used some HLSL to make a for loop and sample several times an animated texture and offset it to give this fake volumetric effect (so, not sure it’s cheap and game ready… But at least I tried and had fun doing it !)

ArtStation post :

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


Great job @Golembok!

They feel really volumetric. Would be great to see those lights with not just green tones but a variety of colors! Also, maybe adding a bit of movement to the light “body” itself on top of the panning texture (or whichever technique you used to animate the lights) would feel great hehehe

Thank you for your feedback and advices @Lush ! (I’m a big fan of your work)

I wanted to stay sober (maybe too much) and do a basic greenish Northern Lights to work in priority on the behavior. Oh, and I tried a purple one, that I liked a lot, but it was more a magic than a Northern Lights :grin:

I agree that it’s lacking of more noise and motion in the main lines, I’ll see if I can improve it in some days :smiley:

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