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This topic will be focused on my VFX work and how it will evolve in the time. I’m a beginner so I’m totally open to feedback and constructive criticism. I will update this topic with WIP and completed effects.


I’m a composer / sound designer for video game, I did my studies at ILOI for 5 years, a school focused on digital / visual creation with a video game branch. I learned the basics of video game creation and made a student game project with a small team where I mostly worked on the audio and the VFX part. I really enjoyed creating effects for the project and now I want explore more. This is why I’ve started my VFX journey on this beautiful world.

LOG 00 : Simple Heal

Infos : My very first original VFX using the Unity VFX Graph. I wanted to make something simple that can regroup different types of creation process (3D Mesh, Noise Texture, Simple Sprite etc…)

LOG 01 : Horus Protection

Infos : I wanted to create something more advanced with the knowledge I acquired so I headed on a AOE shield effect. I did some researches on Egyptian gods and found some interesting art direction. This effect represent the protection of Horus with the power of the Moon. Next I will do a similar effect but I will represent the punishment of Ra with the power of the Sun.



horus protection_orb


horus protection_shield


LOG 02 : Line of sight / Stylized fog (UE4)

Infos : With some friends, we’re participating at the Voxel Horror Jam 2021. We choose to go for a top down game where you played a child being in a nightmare. First thing I had to do was to create this line of sight effect so I dived into a post process material.

Last version


First version

real 00

Evolution of the line of sight + stylized fog

Some useful tips for the Post Process Material

I used a Canvas Target Texture to create a mask for the line of sight so I’m able to customize the fog. I followed this tutorial to create the Line of Sight. Awesome and clear tutorial. I encountered some complications the more I wanted to customize the fog, especially with lights. Then I found this tutorial to fix the lights.

More work awaits, I’m trying to create a fade effect on the edges of the line of sight but for now I don’t know how. I shot linecast to detect the edges to create the triangles. I’ll make some update in the next days with some context and 3D models.


Wow I really enjoy all your effects, my personal favorite is the shield as I really enjoy the colors aswell as the timing for it!

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Suggestion: you might want to try something other than a top-down projection of the light. In a few spots, the light is incorrect. Like here:

Might be too heavy for your game, but maybe try Volumetric Fog? All of this is built-in to that system. And if you want more interesting light projections, you can use a Light Function material.

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Thank you ! It was quite hard since I was discovering the VFXGraph but I’m really happy with the result !

We don’t know if we will use the Volumetric Fog for our game so I put that idea but I totally did not think of creating a Light Function material, it will probably work better for sure ! I don’t know if I will rework the vision system now but I will try it. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions !

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LOG 03 : Dark Electrical Explosion (Concept Art)

Infos : I’m very bad at drawing, that is probably my biggest weak point but I want to be able to create some vfx concepts even if they are simple. I don’t want to become a full vfx concept artist but I need some good foundations to be able to quickly show an idea. I watched many vfx sketches from concept artists to guide me through my first concept art. I’m pretty happy with the result even if their are a lot of mistakes !

The wonderful "sketch"


The concept is really nice, can’t wait to see more. :blush:

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Thank you ! And yep their will be more !

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