Antijn : Animated Sketch #57

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Hi first time participating in these, I haven’t worked with animation before so this will be fun to learn.

I have started experimenting with the animation making a blueprint and setting up a sequencer.

I decided to alter the provided animation a bit and hold the start, anticipation and end posse’s for a bit longer by making a curve and inserting it in the playrate in the animation blueprint.

I also gave her some extra movement giving her a little hop before smashing down the sword.

I added some random effects to get a feel and idea what I could do with it. Not entirely sure just yet but I have an idea.

Something I am a bit struggling with however, or atleast takes longer than I think it should. is timing the effects to the animation. I am currently using start delays wihtin the systems but I suspect there should be a better solution. Is there a easier method to time the effects>?

Looking forward to see what other people make.


Hey there, to time the effects I would recommend triggering them in Sequencer, since you said you were using it. There’s no need that I can see to use an anim blueprint for this. You could just place the skeletal mesh in the level, add it to your Sequence, and play the animation right there on the skeletal mesh in the Sequence.


Bit of progress, most of the time was spent re-timing stuff using the sequencer, works a lot better yeah and stuff is consistent now. Thank you again @NickR and @Mildnight in the discord.

I re-did my block out using a sequencer and have a better idea of what I am trying to achieve but not entirely sure how to do a floor-breaking effect, I see some people online using Houdini to simulate/bake an animation and use that, Might try that next.

I want to add some effects to the anticipation of the animation, but I find it still hard to design effects as I am not entirely sure what is possible within my skillset :grimacing: I feel caught somewhere between imposter syndrome and the dunning Kruger effect.

I have been wondering if there is a set pipeline when making effects like there would be when making props/ other assets. Eg, block out > low-poly/highpoly> UV > Bake > Texture

Also huge thanks to @Niels whose VFExtra plugin helped me make the meshes. Great tool and would recommend it to anyone if by any chance someone isn’t yet familiar with it yet. >>VFExtra for 5.1


Updated some meshes and added some fx at the start of the animation.