VFExtra for 5.1

VFExtra for UE5.1

Download : click here

tldr; I added a bunch of stuff :wink:

VFExtra has been released for Unreal Engine version 5.1
There are quite a few changes in this version so I’d like to take a bit of your time to go through them


VFExtra is evolving, it will now be distributed and used as a plugin.
This brings a few advantages that I wanted access to, mainly :

  • Easy installation, just drag the files into a plugin folder and done.
  • C++, BP is powerful, but there’s gaps, those can now possibly be filled using c++ functionality.
  • Automatic plugin dependency, Plugins that are required for VFExtra are automatically enabled when VFExtra is installed

Texture Maker

Texture maker has had a minor overhaul, the basic idea has remained the same, but the UI has been cleaned up so it is easier to use.

  • Support for groups, you can now assign groups in the base material to organize material parameters.

Magic Spline

  • Re-introduction of vertex color functionality.
  • Changed examples a bit

Magic Mesh

  • Added example meshes and use cases.
  • Minor optimization


  • Added support for ribbons in particle location as well as a few other qol improvements
  • Spline location improvements
  • Added initialize light because default Niagara doesn’t have a dedicated module.
  • Added velocity alignment module that allows for aligning particles to velocity while retaining camera facing. Avoids the issue with particles getting thinner, but can be somewhat jerky if particles change velocity quickly.
  • Added a number of emitter templates with custom thumbnails.

Note: Make sure to enable the plugin filter in Niagara to see VFExtra modules and templates!

VFExtra Toolbox

The toolbox can now be opened from the main editor UI.

The Toolbox UI has been completely overhauled with dedicated tabs per tool.
These tabs currently hold functionality of those tools as well as a cursory explanation of what that tool can do.
The hope is that this will be a good base to add simple documentation and link to resources that can help understand the tool in the future.
A bit of documentation has been added to the Texture Maker Tab as well.


Base Materials

VFExtra includes “standard” base materials for translucent/additive effects as well as particle decals and distortion effects. These are mainly included for use in the examples, however you are free to use these in your own projects. If you don’t want to include VFExtra in your builds, make sure to copy the materials to a more suitable place.

It also includes these light weight scalable particle expressions, terms are the same as the standard base materials. They are not setup for instantiating.

Presentation BP

2 presentation BP have been added, trail and projectile, these are useful if you want to show off effects on a moving object without going into play.

TGA Bulk export widget

Bulk export Utility Widget. This widget allows you to bulk export textures to targa files to a location on disk.

And that’s all for now

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them below.

Enjoy :fire:


Feature demos :

MagicSpline and MagicMesh:



Great Work @Niels!

Magic Spline / Mesh look very useful, nice to see a tool built in UE rather than try to let a HDA handle it (probably way faster in that regard)

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Honestly, just incredible, thank you for these tools!
That geometry script wizardry on MagicMesh is pretty cool.

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