Amesy's Sketchbook


Hi Everyone!

Didn’t want to start a new thread for every little thing I’m working on so thought I’d start a sketchbook.
I’m a tech artist who likes vfx, so a lot of my stuff leans towards shader writing and the more technical side of things, though I’m looking forward to learning more about texture painting as I create more.
Con crit would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:

Here’s some of the shaders I’ve made over the last couple months.

Alpha Erosion

Vertex Erosion

Grass Vertex Wobble

Pool Water Shader


Here’s the latest! An ice effect inspired by the D&D spell Armor of Agathys.
The shader has a custom light function for subsurface scattering and uses the erosion stuff from above.
All made in Unity using HLSL and Shuriken.


Something I’ve started working on in lunch breaks, another D&D inspired spell vfx.