WIP - Klemen Lozar's Riot Art Contest Study

Hey all! :smiley:

So my professor wanted me to study and recreate an Riot Art FX that I liked and so I picked Klemen Lozar’s winning entry, the fire in specific.

This is how mine turned out, critiques and thoughts would be appreciated.

Couple personal thoughts that I would really like some help with:

  • I know I’m missing the main fluid UV distortion going on.

  • I’m not quite sure how to get a gradient like Klemen’s; both for the trail and the end impact, a blackbody ramp or a different texture perhaps?

Klemen says:

I’m using a panning hand drawn tileable texture I made for the fire (3 variations, one in each channel) and I use a sphere mask to move it through the UV space on the static mesh.

However I’m really lost on how to do it. Help on it would really be appreciated. :upside_down_face:


Hello, i must say it’s a nice effect you made, i like the projectile movement a lot ! it feels very smooth.

There is multiple answers to your question, you could add a alpha blended texture longer than your trail so it seems like smoke emited from the projectile, you could also use a fresnel to fake a gradient on your projectile (and your end impact) with darker color at the edge,

hope it helped

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He posts a little more about it here, not sure if it gives any further insight (see comments)

You can also use vertex color directly in the meshes to fade them. Is that what your’re asking?


Thanks for the link Petrie! The GIF along with comments most definitely helped me figure an way to attempt the distortion. I’ll be trying out by deforming the mesh.

I’m not sure what you mean by vertex color directly in the mesh to fade them, currently I have component masks. What I meant is getting a similar color to his like a range from bright to dark in the trail and other components. Even though my texture goes from white to dark, the darker just makes the texture transparent opacity (as expected). Perhaps this crude diagram explains what I mean better.

I was thinking of using a diffuse texture not sure if it would work just yet but I’m sure there’s a better way of doing it.

@Tayko thanks for the compliments and help with my problem. I think alpha blended texture will work fine but in the twitter Petrie linked he seems to use just one texture. I like the idea of using a fresnel gradient on the end impact I’ll give it a shot when I can. Thank!


Ah gotcha. Yeah throwing in a seperate diffuse that’s not so bright like you said would defenitely get you there (along with an alpha like your current black and white texture there). You could alternatively just bring some greys higher into your alpha there but you’d lose some opacity which it sounds like you don’t want. You could also spawn 2 meshes, one diffuse, and one additive (render on top) that’s masked for only the bright front similar to what Jason Keyser goes over here ;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoevDfNJw7w