Advise on creation of swimming FX

I am currently trying to create some effect like this

I have oceanology installed and fluid ninja I figured that it could be done by simulation but I am far behind the learning curve for either of those pluggins, any advise is welcome.

If I recall correctly fluid ninja live has an example usecase that does something similar.

Mixing the two will require some more in depth kowledge I’m afraid.
You can either use fluid ninja’s velocity simulation data and add it into the oceanology shader etc., or you can just try to merge whatever oceanology is doing into the fluid ninja water materials.
Creating well crafted oceans with underwater mechanics & dynamic fluid simulation is quite a difficult challenge, even for experienced tech/vfx artists.

If you want to go plugin route and you are not concerned about money, you could also check out fluid flux, it might do something that is closer to what you are trying to do?