WIP Ice Wall - Crits Welcome

For my game, I finally get to work on the FX. One of the powers is a sort of Mei ice wall. Not as much utility, just a blocker.

It has to pop up fast, so very little anticipation. I’m happier with the spawning than the de-spawning. For that, I’m thinking of making a ground crack decal fade out over the footprint… something.

The ice debris is also supposed to have some collision with the ground (most does fall through) but for whatever reason when spawned from the BP it doesn’t… not an issue I going to track down yet, just a note.

Animation wise, I think its not as crisp as it needs to be. Its a little mushy, vs snap and poppy.


I am sure someone with more time will iterate on my suggestion but try to make it stretch a little more before it pops to its final position.

A good example on the basics is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haa7n3UGyDc&list=PL-bOh8btec4CXd2ya1NmSKpi92U_l6ZJd&index=1

and def check out his other videos :slight_smile:

As for the collision, you might want to spawn the debris a little above the ground, it might be that the floor is already triggering the collision event. (which is always what gets me)

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Thanks for the comments. I hadn’t thought of squash and stretch for this stylistically since I was’t animating the characters with it, however, you did give me pause to think about it. Do you think on an art direction level that fx meshes could squash and stretch while the characters don’t? I’m not completely against it, since its “magic” and it can do whatever I want. I’ll try it to see if it feels better.

As for the debris, they are spawned well above the ground and when I place the fx emiter in world it works as expected, when spawned in the exact same place, no collision.

Thanks again for the thoughts!