Wip - explosion vfx

HI GUYS! SORRY FOR MY DUMB UNCLEAR POST BEFORE :confused: , I’ve just edited my post and feel free to read my post again.

It’s my first time posting my VFX WIP here. I’m a fresh Indie Game Developer/VFX Artist from a far away country and I use Unity as my Game Engine. As you can see from the gif below I wanna try to do something like the VFX of Justicar Aatrox of League Of Legends but a much larger radius and different textures.


Here in my GIF WIP below , I kind of replicated something like the VFX above. It’s still a WIP though and the GIF kinda looks bad but I hope that I get feedbacks from the awesome VFX Artists out there :smiley:



I don’t know what are you trying to archive or what steps you took to say a valuable feedback. Also the GIF quality is sad. You could say something about the particle and not randomly asking for feedback. Try to see what you should improve in the particle and figure out how to do it.

I’m not sure what kind of explosion you’re going for, but as it stands it think the timing is off. it feels more like a magical impact than any kind of explosion

Looks cool! The color and shapes you have feel nice :slight_smile:

One thing, I’m not sure how possible it is, but the gif seems to be in a really low framerate which makes it difficult to fully give feedback on the timing.

That said, from what I can see, I would try having the outer ring last a little bit longer than the bubble as they both appear to fade off at the same time which can make the timing feel a bit linear.

Also a larger more defined bright area/flash/impact at the center would maybe help. It feels quite small right now and a lot of the effect is of a similar value range so that would help give the eyes a place to focus.

Cool stuff for sure :slight_smile:

hahahahahahahaha, kinda forgot to edit the comment, I just want to know/see some feedbacks for it is my first time posting something… the gif do look bad though… well anyways I will try to find way to improve the gif and to elaborate my post more… hahahahah

Well, thank you sir… yeah, the gif do look bad and I’m just hoping for feedbacks here … and I love reading your feedback, I will try to achieve the feedback you’ve given to me… thank you very much! :smiley:

Yeah right hahahahaha, well thanks for the feedback, I will try to improve the vfx and my post though, for it seem unclear to people what I’m trying to say hahahahaha :smiley: