Wildlight Entertainment (ex MW, Titanfall, Apex devs) seeking technical Senior VFX

Hey all!

Longtime lurker on here for insights and inspiration. I’m Ryan Ehrenberg, the VFX Director at Wildlight Entertainment. We’re looking to add an experienced technically minded VFX artist to join up. We are a super small dept (hey it’s just me now!) so there’s plenty to help with while starting off a new IP.

Many devs came from the Modern Warfare - Titanfall - Apex family tree (I was one of two VFX on TF1). We’ve been building a team with other super talented folks who want to ship great games. You can look at our website to see who all is here and why we’re an exciting option.

If you are an experienced and technical Unreal artist (come show me your tricks!) reach out!

Senior VFX at Wildlight