Which method is the best way for Course Evaluation & Grading System?

Hello everyone,
I have a chance to help School in my local area with RTVFX class. But I’m struggling with Grading System Because I didn’t have much experience with this.
I can help them to learn how to create VFX by providing a resource and basic principles. By the way, I can’t make an accurate Grading system. I don’t want to make something like a scoring system by letting the teacher look at student’s work and decide the score on experience and emotion. I want to make a more accurate measurement. Anyway, I understand that some parts of the artistic aspect need to do something like this. But I want to try to be reasonable as possible and can tell a student which part they need to improve and can compare to other students why each one of them got a different score.

Again, I don’t have much experience with RTVFX,
Sorry about this, but I need help, advice, or some keywords that can guide me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.

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What areas do you have experience with? It might help to know a bit more of what you’re familiar with so anyone who wants to weigh in can better structure their advice or feedback for your grading question.

I’m working mostly on the technical part. Some things like tools programming but at this time I got a chance to work on this subject.
For the tools programming part. It’s more obvious because the source code can reflect the understanding and testing on it will prove does it work or not. But in the Artistic aspect, I’m really not good at it.