Which GPU to use?

So since we all work in a real-time rendering environment, I would like to bring up the “right GPU for the job” subject.
I know about the main difference between “Quadro” and “GeForce” drivers and stability in openGL viewports. Because we all work in GPU rendering pipeline and Shaders calculating and less CPU rendering(like offline rendering , unless we pre-simulate).
Is it true that “Gaming” GPU is basically the better one we need to get the job done?

*Without speaking much about prices (although can be mention when comparing).
*Also very interested to hear about FirePro or Radeon (Never had experience with them).
This thread is basically for those who interested in getting new “workstation”.

I might be misunderstanding the question, but since we’re doing realtime you should use whatever it is your prospective customers are using. Creating an effect that’s only performant on your $2000 workstation GPU won’t do you much good once the game is out on the market.

That being said, in terms of shader model compatability any recent card will work. We’ve run across some cases where certain shader functions were missing from whatever chip the PS4 is using. Once we tracked down the issue it was just a matter of rewriting a small bit of the shader, but be mindful.

If we’re talking about offline rendering in Houdini and the like; I actually have no idea. I’ve asked around but haven’t met anybody using GPU rendering in a production environment, so hopefully someone else here can help fill in the gaps.

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Thanks for telling me that I was not clear enough, I edited the topic.

And thanks for mentioning the audience target, I didn’t think about it as with offline rendering at the end you get one video file that works everywhere. :slight_smile: