Where to find beginner VFX people

It seems this site has a professional job part but nothing for hobbyists and students looking to get started. Please correct me if i am missing it or there is a better place to post.
I am working on a hobby project right now that has everything we need except someone to deal with VFX. I am a programmer of 8 years looking to find a VFX artist who is happy to volunteer in return for the use of my technical abilities and advice. And of course a share of money if we make any!
Contact me for instructions to access a very early but playable demo. See here for a video from awhile back (does not make much sense by itself with many missing events and art, but shows progress): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w6xTRkfETg

@douglassophies I wasn’t sure how else to contact you. Id be interested in helping out as a VFX artist. I’ve worked mainly in Unreal Engine and am still inexperienced but i think a lot of what i still need to learn lies in implementation rather then creation.

I can help too if you want. I’m working as a Junior in an Indie Studio and i’ve got some solid basis on UE4 and Unity. Funny thing is i was plannng to make some RTS VFX since i just finished Halo Wars 2.

Hi. Can you reply to douglas at sophies games dott com. The first task might be to create the clean oasis river sparkling in the sun but we also have other tasks that might be simpler to get started with such as a spell cast if water is intimidating. Unity 2018 with its new visual shader graph (similar to Unreal if i remember right) could be out this week so we might be able to start playing with that.
Could you send me any example work you have if any and look into whats involved with a river so you can decide if you are ok to start with that or not. I think the best way to do this is for you to have a go on some task and then we can talk about it when you are stuck on finished.

Same instructions to you. If it turns out you are both interested after the initial call, do not worry. There may be enough work. If not, i also bumped into someone else on the internet doing a very similar thing and looking for VFX so i will share their details if needed.

i looked at sophiesgames.com and i couldn’t find a place to contact or reply

Use the email address douglas@