What tablet for stylized hand drawings?

I need some recommendations for a drawing tablet, for hand drawing stylized effects.

I saw there’s tablets with and without a screen, and people say that is just preference; but I was wondering if one is better for just drawing vfx.

And then there’s just so many different models and opinions that I can’t reach a conclusion on a single one.

If someone who does these kind of things could recommend a tablet they know is good, it would help a lot. Since its a long investment I don’t have budget issues.

just bought a Wacom intuos pro [small about 10’’ diagonal] love it, fits in my lap. i do 2D hand draw FX all the time with it in photoshop and Flash…I’m use to looking at the monitor and not the tablet like the cintique but that’s due to familiarity

you will become familiar with your first tablet… so pick right (no pressure!) it’s just preference

if money is no object try them out
besides you can always return one you dont’ like, …right?

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Wacom Intuos Pro or Wacom Cintiq are the industry standards. Intuos are display-less, Cintiq are monitors. Do not get a non-Pro Intuos (Intuos Draw, Intuos Art) or Bamboo. They’re not bad tablets, but they’re less capable then the Intuos Pros and there are cheaper / better alternatives.

I started using Wacom tablets before they offered monitors. Pen displays, as they’re called, were $20k+ things used by industrial design firms, not lowly artists. I was also trained to draw with out looking at my hands (life drawing and the like) so it wasn’t a big problem using one. If you’re used to looking at where you’re drawing, get a Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq 22HD or Cintiq 27QHD, depending on what size you’re used to drawing at.

People who want a pen display but don’t want to pay Wacom prices look at Monoprice or Huion. If you need something cheaper and don’t mind a tablet (displayless) look at a Huion or XP-Pen.

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I have a Huion610, it’s a nice tablet and it’s only 80$. But if u can pay for a Wacom M, you will have a better quality. I have less problems with the drivers in Wacom (with the last versions, my old intuos was horrible) but it’s like five times the price xD.

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got myself a huion gt220 v2 this week, gotta say its a big improvement over the bamboo that I always used.
downside, with three monitors already on my desk it was quite the puzzle on how’d I set up the whole layout.
It doesn’t come with buttons, and since I am a lefty I cant really properly use the generic keyboard shortcuts unless I remap them all, which is something I dont want due to not always needing the tablet for drawing.
therefore got myself a simple additional numpad which I configured to have all the shortcuts I generally use.

its def. a step up and a lot cheaper than a wacom of identical size and options.

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I had the huion 610 but i’m not sure about my next tablet, i’m thinking about a display tablet just for have a third monitor too. Can u tell me more about it? TY

besides having to calibrate it quite often (offset of cursor vs pen) which might have something to do with the 3 monitors I have as well, its very responsive, good colors, pressure works much better than i.e. my bamboo, but there are no buttons on the darn thing hence me getting an additional numpad and remapping its buttons.
the delay of drawing vs displaying the line is only noticeable if you go all out pollock on the screen.
The response-time is a bit low, 14ms but I dont think i’d ever use it for gaming.

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Thank you for all the replies, it took me time but I took all your advice into consideration and as a result decided on the Intuos Pro.
Have a good day everyone!

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