Way to place clouds in Unreal

Hi everyone, i’m trying to write myself a short documentation on volumetric cloud as I find that there isn’t a lot of info online, or are too technical for me.
I was wondering what are the different way to place clouds in unreal ? Right now what I learned is,

-by placing the blueprint cloud object and manually placing it

-by using a VT texture with UV fed in absolute world position

-using a paint mask painted inside unreal (or photoshop ?) with a black bg and red for cloud position (I’ve also seen yellow, blue and purple being used but I couldn’t find what for) fed into a flowmap 2D

Is there anything else ? I think Unreal should push the documentation a bit more for clouds, right now imo there’s a huge gap between 90% of content being “drop a volumetric cloud and that’s it” and guys doing insane stuff for technical artist. Sadly my team right now doesn’t have a tech art and we’re struggling a bit with more advanced stuff :frowning:

Thanks for the help :blush: