Waterfall thread

I want to work on hyper illustrative fluids with URP base on GabrielAguiar thread Made a Toxic Waterfall in Unity!

edit with latest video

previous capture(s)

a collection of ideas to ping pong around here

  1. second puddle skirt to smooth ripple perimeter. I might use scrolling flow map to give it an undulation <-V-> around the perimeter as it scrolls U →

  2. vapor particles

  3. 2nd reversed mesh, pushed to add undulation on the edge quality

  4. VectorDistortorted foam? maybe lava bubbles, more Blender practice.

  5. Splash meshes +vertex stretching I want to see if I can make lava bits that look like goopy saliva

  • thoughts on improvements?
  • it’s Unlit/URP no HDRP/VFX graph (er, not yet)

I thought about the seam in the back, I think turning the Voro noise into a seamless 512, as well as 512 seamless Perlin noise; the Perlin can be a distortion on the voro, i think that ‘should’ work and removes some of the instructions.

the noise as distortion really helps with the ripples caustic feel imho - maybe parallax mapping can get causticss under the surface… or all it needs is ‘just’ a second mesh under the surface [geo -1] renders on top :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

edit Parallax map test, it kinda works!


[EDIT] nvm
2 years, I can’t bring myself to waste hours compensating Unities bugged pre-multiply node issue maybe in 2023 ill return.


i gave up giving up, and went ahead with something anyway - found the coolest thing I wanted for years in shader nodes. Enums! super easy it turns out

  1. Keyword enum
  2. click thing and name
  3. attach
    DONE! see,? simple

material pull down menus build each variant

some distortion clouds, i just went with alpha blending -
these work from perlin noise UV distortion that expands from center and only operates on the dissolver, not the main texture at all.

(now getting shuriken custom vertex streams to random a Boolean that switches… not simple, in fact I think it is impossible without overdraw pain from added texture fetching)

I might try parallax for the water animation… it seems interesting too when you consider animated flow caustics with it… though crazy expensive i bet once 2 flow maps are lerp’n (but im not sure two flow maps are even possible to put on the URP paramapper actually.)
playing around with trying to animate it better for a pool of ripple waves


sharing this because it seems 1/2 my time is finding things that don’t work or get incompremehensibly complex to work with

Can I’s animate height maps on a parallax node → nope it doesn’t seem to work… how about a UV distort applied ‘on the top’ from polar coords?

well now I have something too baffling to understand


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this ones much better now

might serve the fall better but looks like oil without bubbles and foam
i can add particle under the geo and hopefully a depth type LEqual with +Z on the billboards will suffice

edit - the edge push normals trick just doesn’t work, or I can’t figure out how to do it nice… o well
almost, got this part
I still want to do some cartoon splash skirt around the base but figure out how I can make it work in full 3D… i wonde is mask/boolean mesh using an intersection operation, so two mesh’s rotating and a stencil operation to blend/mask them could work. ill try to investigate

masking didn’t seem to work well, but mesh workflow got results i’m happy with
precmpwtrsheet watersplash01



added the goopy splash particles; mesh just didn’t seem needed, though I’d like to learn to do it technically so maybe some-day…

also now with lava

cool the height map parallax can be reversed I thought it wouldn’t work but… happy accident -1 magic



adding mesh bubbles and sub emitters for ripples and splash
waterbubls lavabubls

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I updated the lava bubbles to have a residual as well as getting them to continue to flow away from the fall

I learned a lot and this is going to be the last visual update, though I may post some breakdowns on the shaders


super cool effects and awesome that you document it in such a great detail. :hearts:

Looks awesome! Everything blends super seamlessly.