W.I.P–O–Rama | My efforts up to this point

In my recent introspection I noticed something (out of a number of things). Of my knowledge, I only understand how to make passive effects. My meaning in that being there is rarely an “and then” to an effect I make. The effects I understand how to make only loop.

There is no “Story” in the effect. No beginning, middle, and end. I don’t know all the ways I can do this.

Thus, I’ve been working t’words that understanding. Progressing myself towards being “comfortable” seeing effects affect into other effects. 5 times fast even. Originally, I was planning to make “Passive” demo reel before GDC, but the problem with that idea is a “Demo Reel” tends to imply that what is shown is my best work.

This isn’t. This is a learners work. I can do better.

Thus, I’ve instead decided to show my in-progress attempts here. Considering last year at GDC I had nothing but my much documented enthusiasm to show, this little showing is honestly an important step I gladly take. Curious to see if I can start a trend in my growth as a VFX Artist, powers that be withstanding.


So without much more adue, and starting with the mantra “What can I make? Then build from that point”…



Effect is of its self, totally built into either a shader or particle emitter. In this case it’s only a shader.



Effect requires something else. Since I have more confidence in the Material Editor, I asked my self what I would do to make a Material react to something. Thus I made this “Shield” that changes color when intersecting a mesh. As a bonus, as I stumbled upon the ability to make a flip book animation into the shader. I didn’t know that was a thing for shaders, so YAY for bonus thing.



Joining Effects. Now with shader stuff AND particle stuff. Also some Vector Alpha stuffs.



Effect “Story”. This is where I’m at right now. I’ve never used the “Event” node before. Lots of learning happening here. What I’m trying to do is simple, relatively speaking. When the “rain” effect dies, it spawns a “burst” (which is “2”), and a splash (which is “3”). Splash is not working right now. :frowning:

I also now have a fire, but it’s not part of my current self teaching aims. A fun diversion though… if I can get Unity to behave. >_>

… and that’s all I have at the moment. For now.

For those who can, I’ll see ya’ll @ GDC’18!:sparkles: :star_struck::sparkles: