Visual Effect Graph - Next Generation VFX Toolchain for Unity



Thanks a lot for the setup, i couldn’t install it because of shader errors. Only one thing.There whas a mistake in the code downloaded from github. In the script VFXViewPreference.cs it appears SettingsScoppe instead of SettingsScoppes.


I want to mention that for anyone looking to turn FGA (vector fields) into 3D textures, our vector field plugin for unity now supports converting FGA files into 3D textures for use in the Visual Effects Graph:


Effect with logo in Unity(VFX Graph). There is no lag in Unity - this is because of the video conversion into a gif file.


Quick news! We just released our exporters for Houdini 17 (alongside the Image Sequencer)
With these you can export:

  • Volumes (Scalar, SDF and Vector) as .vf files (used for vectorfields/sdf)
  • Point data as Point caches

These exporters are simple SOP nodes (just like the File SOP)

You can get everything here:

To install the DCC Tools, just import the .hda into houdini.


Hello,i want to use playmaker to visit the value of visual effects graph. (visual script tool in unity3d).
i create the exposed value of visual effects graph.

But when i set property of the component,i can’t get the value i created in the visual effects graph.
3 ![45|689x433]
Could i get some advise!thank you!




have multiple errors with Lit-Cube/etc-Output:
when using a sample 2018.3 HDRP project or creating a new one.

in VFX Example project everything is OK though

all Lit shaders works

It’s also impossible to use VFX from Example project anywhere else (some nodes are disconnected)

Shader Error:

Shader warning in ‘Hidden/VFX/System 1/(A) Lit Cube Output’: ‘SAMPLE_DEPTH_TEXTURE’ : macro redefinition at /Dropbox/unity/mac-safe/XPosters/Library/PackageCache/com.unity.render-pipelines.core@4.1.0-preview/ShaderLibrary/API/D3D11.hlsl(109) (on d3d11)

Compiling Vertex program


I actually follow your tutorial dude, thanks that was cool.


How to trigger a Visual effect graph ?

So, at Start is deactivated and then gets activated with trigger.