VFX Survey for upcoming GDC Presentation

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Greetings esteemed colleagues and Happy New Year! This year’s GDC bootcamp includes a panel discussion on the topic of pathways to VFX. We are looking at how we got into the field, how do we teach VFX and how can we get more artists interested in becoming VFX wizards.

Where did you come from and how did you become the amazing VFX artist you are? Please take just a few minutes to answer a some questions that may shed light on the pathways people take to get into visual effects.

Take the survey here —> Pathways to VFX Survey

Thanks for your time!
Jamie DeRuyter


Hey @Keith, thanks for the like. Do you have any advice on how I might promote this a bit more? We have some great responses but would love more.

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Sure! A few things that come to mind to catch peoples eye on it more:

  • Add a splash image/thumbnail, so it’s not just text and the main topic page has an interesting image
  • Make the title something that gives the community members a reason to care, maybe something like “VFX Survey for upcoming GDC Presentation” - I imagine this will make people think they should care about it a little bit more (Pathways to VFX is a great GDC presentation title, but doesn’t mean anything out of context)
    -Your text is a single block paragraph, changing the formatting to make it less of a wall of text will make more people pay attention to what it says (got we’re spoiled instagram kids these days).

Those things will hopefully improve your conversion rate of people who see the post vs. people who take the survey. Once you’ve got that, we can definitely pin it to the top of the forum and expose a more people to it! Ping me once you’ve got a splash image up for it (requirement for the banner), and I’ll stick it up there.

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Great tips Keith!

OK, total noob questions here…

How do I make the title text bold and how do I add a banner image? I’ve been clicking around but I’m stumped.

Ah, sorry - it’s not really apparent, but we just pull a thumbnail out of the first image found in your topic - so if you edit your topic and include an image, it’ll automatically be used as the banner image.

As for the title - Bold is used for un-read, so there’s no useful formatting options there…

Hey @hyperjams, there’s a question for ‘How many years did you study?’ Does this mean how many years you attended college, how long you studied vfx in school, or how long did you study vfx total before looking for work?

DUH! bold = unread
I’m such a noob! thanks!

Probably all of the above. Total years of education before you became a VFX artist.

Gotcha. Unfortunately I left it blank when I submitted it, but I’d say probably 2.5 years of learning vfx before getting a job, with just over a year of that learning it intensely.

You should be able to edit your responses. Let me know if that works.
Thanks for responding!

It’s done! Technically started as a Level Designer but ended up as a VFX Artist in less than 6 months because the VFX training wasn’t available until 2nd Session. In the end, i did a total of 1 year of accelerated training in a private College. Now working in the industry as an intern in an indie studio.

Hey Keith, can we pin this up top for a bit and see if I can get a few more responses?
Thanks so much!!!

It shall be done! I pinned it for two weeks - let’s see how that goes and we can extend later

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All the people reading this could do their part as well.

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The more results the more meaningful this survey will get. Spread the love!

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