VFX Sketch #2: Winners and Badges!

Alrighty! Thank you to everyone who participated in this last months VFX Sketch! You really pulled out some really cool looking effects that hopefully pushed you and inspired others to create equally stunning work. Everyone who participated will be receiving their community challenge participation badges. Woowoo! Keep it up! Now time to highlight the winners (most likes and overall buzz within topic) :tada: :

1st Place: Kevin Leroy


Kevin put a lot of work into his portal and it definitely shows! His snappy timing, beautiful colors and subtle shapes really help sell the piece. Additionally, Kevin has posted all of his files for anyone to check out freely! If you’re a Unity user definitely check it out to see how it was all made. Well done, and congrats Kevin!

2nd Place: Sam Perzanowski

Sam really went the extra mile by giving his effect a super smooth and polished feel with his exploding book! The anticipation before the portal bursts out of the pages is super enthralling and satisfying. With the slick, wispy shapes, beautiful colors and other subtle details like the falling/burning pages it’s easy to see why Sam’s work is so successful. Congrats Sam!

Thanks again to everyone for participating! We will be dishing out your badges shortly :slight_smile: . Do note that we will be leaving all your topics open if you do wish to continue iterating.

If you weren’t able to participate in this last months challenge, be sure to check out our freshly announced January sketch: VFX Sketch #3: Dragon’s Breath!

:fireworks: Happy New Year! :tada: :smile:


Congrats Kevin and Sam :slight_smile:
Amazing work by everyone in this VFX sketch. Got to learn a lot of things.

I am pretty excited about Sketch #3, I might participate if I gather all the courage I need :wink:


great job guys! Kevin nice beats in the animation. and Sam I like the thoughful details, like the paper at the end. Might have had a little more snap and pop to the animation but both well done!

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