How to recreate Chrono Trigger Portal Effect with UE4 Material?


I’ve been slowly learning UE4 material blueprints, and i’ve been wanting to make an effect like this.

Not even sure what to research. Sphere masks? Absolute world position?

I want to have the teleport effect show up like this, but also mask a 3D actor, not revealing a texture like i’ve seen in certain tutorials.

Any suggestions where to start looking or thinking about would be much appreciated. Thanks

I think your referring to stencils, which can mask Characters / backgrounds like this

Check out maybe Kevins sketch entry for portals. It’s unity where I think a stencil is used… but same shader principles apply in unreal. I believe there is a breakdown on Kevins youtube as well somewhere if I remember correctly.

do you mean using the stencil buffer? I’m realizing this is probably more of a UE4 forum kind of question. Thanks for the response though

I moved your topic to UE4 help.

If it is purely spherical, try using a masked material and clipping the pixels that are either inside or outside the portal.

If it is flat, or has a different shape, try looking into the depth buffer.

thanks, i’ll look into these terms