VFX showreel for VFX in general

Can anyone recommend a VFX showreel that shows of the best of effect in games.
Not from a particular person, but the best of current effects in games?


That really depends on your goal. Do you value realism or effects that are otherwise true to life, or do you value stylized effects that serve game play above reality?

I’m pretty sure this topic happened some time ago.
You can look at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqHQ81wL78VidZQRriELreJzfts8vMXV
also: http://ref-fx.com/
Maybe something else, but as @nswinney said it really depends on your goal.
You can categorize RTFX in some groups from real (close to real with consistent to environment looking effects) to arcade looking effects (hand painted with more stylish textures and animations), then try to put your project into proper category and you will get what you want.


My goal to present the best game visual effects to an audience. So style doesn’t matter too much, they just need to look good, whether realistic or cartoon.

Some of my personal favourites:



cool, nice selection

That Street Fighter thumbnail :joy:

Also, Andreas forgot one :wink:

When something looks really good in a trailer when presented at a trade show, the better it looks, the more likely trickery is involved. Always try to find some real time game play - even then, it’s not a guarantee. That said, here is some real time game play. (It should start @ 13:38)


Jaded skepticism aside… Oh my that fire is gorgeous. :fire:

I’m also going to throw into the ring a recommendation of the particle work in Infamous Second Son. I have to admit bias here, as I don’t know if this is the “best” stuff, it’s just my favorite. It’s surely freekn’ gorgeous, so in my eyes it counts darn it!

There are break down videos in this link here - Art directing effects for inFAMOUS: Second Son – fxguide


Hope that helps for your needs. :slight_smile: