VFX Scenes - Kevin Leroy Sketchbook



Super awesome! “And yes, there’s a lot of overdraw” haha no worries, sometimes you can get really good looking stuff with the extra overdraw, at least you’re not shipping it


Thanks! Haha and yeah, it’s just for the funsies, nothing too serious here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you going to do the Riot art contest again this year? I’m stoked I actually will have the bandwidth to finish my entry this time around


I’m a Rioter now so I can’t participate… :sob: :sob:

Super hyped to see the submissions, tho~!


Ah, I didn’t know that! Congrats!! Guess I can’t look forward to your feedback then either haha


A few scenes I made recently. :slight_smile:


Good stuff as always!


And here’s a new one. Careful, it might be a spoiler for the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s a few shots from one of my favorite scenes in the entire saga. Feel free to share your thoughts~!

Link to the Video


And yet another one, using vertex offset and distortion:


And here’s a new one. I tried to make a nice-looking Earth shader in ShaderForge. Gimme your thoughts! :slight_smile:

And also, here’s the shader I made for the Earth. It’s very… raw, and the default values are broken. But if you play around with it a bit, you should be able to get something. :smiley:


Made a few new scenes, trying out different stuff each time.

Wanted to try making an underwater ambiance. It’s basically just a plane with vertex offsets and panning textures, and a light behind it all. About 3 hours of work.

Since I’m a long-time Stargate fan, I wanted to make a little fan art. Shader is kind of the same as the one used in Underwater, but with some UV distortion. About 9h of work.

And this one is just a little extra. Just wanted to try out a subway ambiance. It’s simply some particles with trails moving at a set speed, and with different emission intervals. About 4 hours of work.

Oh and this little one too: just sub-emitters. Happy New Year everyone~!


Dude. That subway one is just fantastic . I love everything about it :slight_smile:


Aww thanks! I actually wasn’t too sure about the result for that one. Felt a bit repetitive and empty. Glad you liked it! o/


Great job on these! Really love the idea!


As usual … Superb work Sirhaian. <3 loved all of em :smiley:


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Here’s one I made earlier but never posted:

And so this morning I had a small blood pressure drop and saw those stars and thought to myself “Hey, this could be a nice little quick effect to make!”. And so, I made this thing in the 10min I had before going out to my LotR marathon. It’s really not much (just some particles with trails) but thought it was an interesting thing to do: represent stuff in VFX that would normally be a bit hard to describe/explain. :slight_smile:

And as soon as I came back from the marathon, I made this little thing here:

This is simply a refractive sphere with some billboards inside, and a stencil to make sure they don’t go outside the palantir.

And ultimately made this one:


New little scene I just made:

Feel free to give some feedback~! I’ll most likely make a breakdown video soon. :slight_smile:


syth wave o7 - the only thing i recommend is adding bends to it so it is like a race track
FYI - would Play a game that looked like this


Haha that could have been cool! :slight_smile:
The idea was to have it look like RPO’s welcome HUD, where it extends towards the horizon in a straight line. C:



Adding in some stuff I made recently. :slight_smile:

Also some little news for those interested: I am soon to move to LA (FINALLY), and I just opened a small Patreon for people who enjoy my scenes and my occasional tutorials. \o/

And if you’re interested: https://www.patreon.com/SirhaianArts

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or a message. :slight_smile:

Have a great day, everyone! :heart:


I’m finally in LA~! \o/

Here’s a new VFX scene I’ve just made yesterday. Thought some of you might like it. :slight_smile:

More info and screenshots here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQEOAE