VFX Scenes - Kevin Leroy Sketchbook

Super awesome! “And yes, there’s a lot of overdraw” haha no worries, sometimes you can get really good looking stuff with the extra overdraw, at least you’re not shipping it

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Thanks! Haha and yeah, it’s just for the funsies, nothing too serious here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you going to do the Riot art contest again this year? I’m stoked I actually will have the bandwidth to finish my entry this time around

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I’m a Rioter now so I can’t participate… :sob: :sob:

Super hyped to see the submissions, tho~!


Ah, I didn’t know that! Congrats!! Guess I can’t look forward to your feedback then either haha

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A few scenes I made recently. :slight_smile:


Good stuff as always!

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And here’s a new one. Careful, it might be a spoiler for the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s a few shots from one of my favorite scenes in the entire saga. Feel free to share your thoughts~!

Link to the Video


And yet another one, using vertex offset and distortion:


And here’s a new one. I tried to make a nice-looking Earth shader in ShaderForge. Gimme your thoughts! :slight_smile:

And also, here’s the shader I made for the Earth. It’s very… raw, and the default values are broken. But if you play around with it a bit, you should be able to get something. :smiley:


Made a few new scenes, trying out different stuff each time.

Wanted to try making an underwater ambiance. It’s basically just a plane with vertex offsets and panning textures, and a light behind it all. About 3 hours of work.

Since I’m a long-time Stargate fan, I wanted to make a little fan art. Shader is kind of the same as the one used in Underwater, but with some UV distortion. About 9h of work.

And this one is just a little extra. Just wanted to try out a subway ambiance. It’s simply some particles with trails moving at a set speed, and with different emission intervals. About 4 hours of work.

Oh and this little one too: just sub-emitters. Happy New Year everyone~!


Dude. That subway one is just fantastic . I love everything about it :slight_smile:

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Aww thanks! I actually wasn’t too sure about the result for that one. Felt a bit repetitive and empty. Glad you liked it! o/

Great job on these! Really love the idea!

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As usual … Superb work Sirhaian. <3 loved all of em :smiley:

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Here’s one I made earlier but never posted:

And so this morning I had a small blood pressure drop and saw those stars and thought to myself “Hey, this could be a nice little quick effect to make!”. And so, I made this thing in the 10min I had before going out to my LotR marathon. It’s really not much (just some particles with trails) but thought it was an interesting thing to do: represent stuff in VFX that would normally be a bit hard to describe/explain. :slight_smile:

And as soon as I came back from the marathon, I made this little thing here:

This is simply a refractive sphere with some billboards inside, and a stencil to make sure they don’t go outside the palantir.

And ultimately made this one:


New little scene I just made:

Feel free to give some feedback~! I’ll most likely make a breakdown video soon. :slight_smile:


syth wave o7 - the only thing i recommend is adding bends to it so it is like a race track
FYI - would Play a game that looked like this

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Haha that could have been cool! :slight_smile:
The idea was to have it look like RPO’s welcome HUD, where it extends towards the horizon in a straight line. C:


Adding in some stuff I made recently. :slight_smile:

Also some little news for those interested: I am soon to move to LA (FINALLY), and I just opened a small Patreon for people who enjoy my scenes and my occasional tutorials. \o/

And if you’re interested: Patreon

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or a message. :slight_smile:

Have a great day, everyone! :heart:


I’m finally in LA~! \o/

Here’s a new VFX scene I’ve just made yesterday. Thought some of you might like it. :slight_smile:

More info and screenshots here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQEOAE