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I got a job proposal for a realtime VFX position in the UK but I don’t know what I should target in terms of salary. I’ve studied for 5 years in game art and been employed as a VFX artist for 8 months now in France working an a AAA title. I would expect a minimum of 30k £ especially since it’s in an expensive city but I’m not sure. What do you think?

If I don’t remember wrong, I was at 31k as a senior in 2011 in the UK. 4ish years professional experience at the time.

I would hope you can get more as yes it is expensive. But depending on things like, how old you are, willing to live with many people 45 mins outside center, cook your own £1 pot noodles, and never go out to spend money, 30k will be fine :wink:

That helps, salaries seem to have increased 13% since then but I have a lot less experience.

Haha, I’d be living with my girlfriend and we’re both 25 so rent-wise that’s a huge benefit as I calculated that I’d be paying 70% more rent.

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Cool, as long as she is on 50k :wink:

Not even half I’m afraid haha

Where in the UK also will change things.

It’s in Oxford, they’re offering 28k £

Ahh sorry all my info is based off London! :wink:

I think, shoot higher. VFX artists are rare and hard to come by in the UK. Also, don’t forget to negotiate travel expenses etc!

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No worries, from what I gathered, salaries in Oxford are not much lower than London

Can you show your works or portfolio?

Thanks for the advice, I didn’t think about travel expenses. In France the employer is obligated to pay half.

It really depends on where you live in the UK. Oxford is (afaik) a relatively expensive city so won’t hurt to ask for a bit more. You can use one of online calculators to see how much money you’ll get after tax, then go on rightmove or similar website to see roughly how much rent is going to cost, add council tax, bills and whatever else you spend money on monthly (netflix etc). Then see how much is left :slight_smile: There’s also all sorts of living costs websites like Cost of Living in Oxford. Jun 2022. Prices in Oxford, can’t vouch how accurate it is for Oxford but it seems about right for the area I’m in.

I’ve actually used numbeo to compare costs. In France €30k is what entry level VFX artists are paid so compensating for cost of living, longer workweek and taxes that turns into £32,700 which is what I’ve asked for.

Glassdoor is a good resource regarding salary reports but it should only be used as a guideline. It is user-submitted data after all…

(The VFX Artist title is also used for films)

I did have a look at glassdoor but they indicate that there are not enough submissions for the data to be accurate for VFX artists in the UK. Indeed their estimates range widely from £25k to £50k so I don’t know what to make of it.

When company ask for my salary I give them a scale. I’m in Quebec, I say between 40 and 45K. So they decide, and with a scale in my opinion is it’s less stressfull. Depending of your portfolio, your level, your experience you can ask for more. Depending on the studio too, for indie studio my salary is lower than a AAA studio.

Hey there - I’m a recruiter in the UK working specifically in gaming. I appreciate you may have accepted the role by now but if you want to chat through the offer let me know and I’d be happy to give my advice :slightly_smiling_face: