VFX! : Not just particles. 「Discussion」


Doing vfx effectively require quite a big range of skills.
We need to model, unwrap, animate, code, draw, script, etc…

But what about skills that aren’t necessarily linked to vfx.

For example: My background in music has helped my quite a lot with understanding timing and even comunicating intent.
I’ve been playing piano and singing from a young age, so rythm and timeing almost come naturally.

I’m wondering about other skills like this.

What skills do you have that help you create better effects?


I think this is a great ethos.


Oh, wow, talk about persistence!


I studied photography and electrical engineering. Somehow found a profession using color theory, framing, coding and maths all wrapped up in one.


I feel like my experience with sculpting helped me understand the importance of silhouette and contrast when doing VFX.

I’ve a good friend who’s a super talented dancer, and because of it all his animation work is on point! Always thought that was interesting how similar the two are.


My degree is in theatre and I know how to tell a good story.