VFX in Gaming

Hey guys! I’m not too sure if this is the right place to talk about this but I wanted to ask about being a VFX artist in the gaming industry. For example if anyone has any experience with that any portfolio examples what software’s they’ve been mainly using etc and I am beginning my second doing vfx. I need this info as I have an assessment task:

Assessment Task
Choose an area of CGI that interests you. Ideally this would be a potential future career direction for you which you can then build on in Year 3. However, it may also be something you would like to try or explore for personal interest or other reasons. You must explore seminal examples of work within the topic and discuss the current state-of-the-art.
Your investigation can be technically or creatively biased, focusing either on methods, techniques and pipelines or on the creative and artistic norms in the field. You are expected to use and reference a variety of sources of information to allow you to develop a clear understanding of your chosen area.
This investigation will be written up as an essay. Your essay should demonstrate good academic writing, including an abstract, conclusions and Harvard referencing. Your writing style should be concise, precise and be in the third person.
Your investigation must also inform your own practice by creation of one or more practical examples that allow you to try out the techniques, methods, styles, forms etc. you have investigated. Your practical exploration must also be documented and evaluated against industry examples as part of your essay.
Your practical work should be informed by your investigation and so form a link between the discussion of your findings and your own practice. You should aim for the documentation of your practical elements to be interlinked with the findings of your investigation to form a coherent discussion and not to become two separate parts.
You should include reference images, sketches, WIP screenshots, renders, scripts, animations etc. as applicable of ALL SIGNIFICANT STAGES of your practical work. These must be included in the body of the text (not in appendices), be the full width of the document and include descriptive captions.
Within this module you are expected to disseminate your work to industry via suitable social platforms and/or portfolios sites with a view to getting direct feedback to inform your own practice. You are also expected to submit work to the course rushes for further feedback and idea exchange. Use any feedback from these sources as part of your evaluation.
You should consider all practical work to be a significant part of your personal portfolio and aim to produce fully finished deliverables to the highest standard you are able.

And I can’t find much info ://
Thank you so much in advance :))

Hey @nikolaferdek! Welcome!

There is a post that goes over the basic software that is common for the industry here, as well as techniques used when creating VFX:

If you make any cool VFX and need feedback on it, feel free to use the Personal Work section and ask for any feedback! Personal Work - Real Time VFX

Hopefully you find what you need!