VFX Demo reel (a bit late) for Time Rift!

Hi everybody !

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It’s been a long time since I haven’t posted something, but finally, I’m able to speak about this project, which I was working on my last year internship. I created this reel a few months ago, but at this time, the project wasn’t public, so I was not able to mention it’s name. (And I completely forgot to post it here, my bad uh)

Here’s my reel :

Some of you may have already seen this some time ago !
Sorry about that :confounded: but don’t worry, I have a surprise that will come up soon, more details at the end of the post :wink:

Soooo !

The game’s called Time Rift !


It’s a mix between a shooter and a puzzle game, in which you have to escape deadly levels with your ship ! (And you can rewind the time, what a smooth feature !) No more teasing, here is the link to the trailer :

(The VFX and some assets are a bit outdated in this trailer, but unfortunately, it’s the most recent one; consider it more like a gameplay trailer :smile: )

Aaand here is a link to the public thread on Gamejolt, and the demo download !


The final version of the game is not out yet, but it should be gold soon :stuck_out_tongue:

It was really cool to work on this project. We were 2 VFX artists, and I personally did the Shuriken part of the game’s vfx, meanwhile my colleague made sprite-based VFX, and frame by frame animations (like those shown in the previous gif).

I hope you enjoyed these fancy particles n’shaders, feel free to leave any feedback, questions and/or anything about the game c:

Also ! Important words here : During the past months, I was working on my own game with 2 friends of mine, and it’s finally out ! I’ll make a new and fresh VFX reel and gonna share it to you next week ! No more informations for now :wink:


Beautiful visual style! I really enjoy those impacts, they look so satisfying in game!

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That is some really cool s…tuff ma dragon :dragon_face:

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I’m in love with this FX :slight_smile:The motion and colors are satisfying !


Beautiful work! I really love how satisfyingly punchy and graphically sharp these are! :smiley:

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Excellent job. Blind my eyes.

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Thank you all ! I’m very glad that you liked :smile:
My main focus was to make them both catchy/dynamic and readable, as the game is quite fast-paced :stuck_out_tongue:

Really cool vfx. Great work!

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Amazing looking effects my man. Great use of screen distortion.

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