VFX | Creating Textures using Website?

Hi, I would love to get into VFX but it feels like I learned the first half only, haven’t touched on creating my textures, but I remember once a guy showed me a website on Discord. I can’t remember its name but basically, the site was divided into two halves on the left side you typed basic mathematical equations and on the right side you could see a texture, by changing the values in the equations the texture changed, so you got it to the point u liked or needed and downloaded it and straight to the VFX which I liked a lot maybe anyone knows what site that was? or maybe you have recommendations for me when it comes to creating your textures for VFX :wink:

I think you’re looking for this one:

still not the one but this could do the job! thank you I spent a lot of time learning VFX but did not spend much time with textures so yeah…if I can change values on a website I take it:D