VFX Bootcamp: Animation Principles of VFX source files

UPDATE: UE4 (4.17) project has been uploaded.

Hi folks,

I mentioned at the end of my talk that I would be releasing all of my working files from the talk. These include:
Blocking animations done in Clip Studio Paint
rbd, explosion, 12 principles, etc created in Houdini
realtime setups in ue4.

I’ve cleaned up and uploaded most of the files. Only thing left to do is the ue4 files which should be done this week. I’ll leave a message here once that’s done.

If you have any questions or something doesn’t seem to be working post a question in this thread. I’ll try and answer as much as possible.

You can grab the files here: http://bit.ly/vfx_animation



I’ll come back for these after I’ve watched the bootcamps on the vault, thanks Mike!

Thank you! Is there anything special I need to know about accessing the bootcamp information on GDC? I’ve had a lot of trouble with the site previously.

The bootcamp recordings can be found in the gdc vault but you need to have paid for access to it.

I figured you’d say that. Thanks!

That being said; some of them are free to access. And Jason has released his art principles of vfx talk as a series of youtube video. I’ll be doing the same thing in the next couple of weeks.

I very much enjoyed your talk- thanks Mike!

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I’ve cleaned up and uploaded the ue4 project files. If something’s broken let me know.

great talks!this is helpful for me