VFX Boot Camp 2017 (some pics!)

Here are some pics of the bootcamp & roundtables for those who couldn’t make it in person.

Massive thanks to everyone in involved putting it together plus everyone who actually showed up to attend! It was an awesome turnout and I daresay the most inspiring year yet for VFX @ GDC.

Personally, I left w/ a head packed full of new ideas to fuel me for at least a year. I also expect us to do it all again in 2018 (details TBD).

Special thanks for the party @undertone and to @Keyserito for stepping up and helping moderate day 2 of the roundtable with zero notice. He killed it.

Roundtable notes will be ready soon.


Oh man, I wish I was there. They’ll record this and put it up on the GDC website right? Or Youtube. But I’m not sure how long it usually takes. If we are talking, weeks, months, or even up to a year or more.

Really nice to see. Any video presentation?

Usually takes a couple weeks and then will be up on the GDC Vault. Speakers are also free to post the slides separately, and a lot of folks will do that too. I just have to get mine & Keith’s organized and then we’ll certainly share em.

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lol. that panorama shot… it captures my essence perfectly!

…and here’s another:


Definitely glad this was the first GDC I attended! The boot camp was great and really inspiring. Wish I could have met more of you, but already looking forward to next year :smile:


Ahh! Thanks for the pictures, Drew! I posted a couple of panos on the RTVFX facebook. But here’s my obligatory pic next to my name!


It was amazing to meet you all!

I am terrible with names. So, the next time we meet, if I call you whatsyourface I don’t mean to offend. Hell, I even forget my own middlename from time to time.


I’m super salty I could not get in to any of these, as it was half the reason I made the trip out to GDC this year :confused: If anyone feels like leaving feedback that the Summits/Tutorials/Bootcamps should have access to the round tables, I would be grateful. As much as I was bummed that I couldn’t get in to the main talks wed-fri, I understood that those were featured talks and only available to the Main Pass people. I do feel like the round tables are just sharing ideas between people, so I feel like that should fall under the S/T/B pass. Just especially bummed I didn’t get to join this round, as wandering into the vfx round table at my very first GDC is what got me into vfx.

At least I got to meet a lot of you all in person, so I’m happy for that opportunity!

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Ah, good, I’m glad someone managed to actually point to their own name… Instead of, I dunno, Christina’s. Hypothtically. >>


So we’re for sure allowed to post our PowerPoints around (on our own websites or link to it here or whathaveyou)? I couldn’t find anything specific in the Speaker Agreement so I didn’t want to overstep, but I’ve seen them shared out by people before and would love to be able to get the version with the videos (not the static Vault PDF) available to people. :smiley:


yes, pleaaase that would be grand :smiley:

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@hadidjah Guerrilla Games have posted at least one of the Powerpoint presentations on their website already so it should be ok.


Really, Thats great. Any Link?


According to the agreement we can do what we want with them after Gdc, as long as it’s somewhat altered. IE remove the Gdc theme.

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Yup! Slides are fair game to share no sweat. I got sucked back into work but as soon as I get things under control I’ll post mine & keith’s plus those roundtable notes.

@Travis, man sorry to hear you couldn’t get into the roundtable. I agree the messaging of pass options was miserable this year. Let’s make a point to post our own guide to pass options next year to try and keep it from happening again. You were with us in spirit!

It was just very unclear, I had 3 CAs tell me that I could, but the two at the door said it couldn’t get me in. Honestly, I’d love it (and would pay more for) ala carte pass add on’s per discipline. Like an extra X dollars would get you into all things labeled as VFX, Tech Art, Programming, etc.

Also @Drew, I could have swore you mentioned being at SXSW this year, or did I imagine that?

The vault is up!

If you’ve got access, go check it out :slight_smile: