VFX Apprentice

For absolutely sure, this forum is always going to be a great place to get feedback on your work. If you want a place that’s more focused on what we’re doing in the course, there’s going to be private forums on the VFX Apprentice platform. So every session will have a specific forum category that applies to that specific project. Should be a good place to drop questions and see what others have run into, learn, or accomplished with that particular session.

As for assistance from me, I’ll be keeping tabs on the common areas people are getting lost in, and making updates to the course to help clarify things that I missed originally. So there’s a feedback section on the forum to drop notes, or if I notice something significant in a session forum, I can pick up on that too.

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that’s great! I can’t wait. really looking forward to making a start on it all, i’ll buy it straight away! i’m sure you cover this anyway, but will we be sticking with 4.22 to create effects in? i know engine versions tend to cause trouble when exporting things between projects!

Yep, 4.22 should be fine :new_moon_with_face:


Reeally looking forward to this! I know you’ve all been working super hard on the content, and probably burning the candle at both ends to do it. Can’t wait to learn and improve! :sparkling_heart:


Just wanted to say that I love the Logo-Animation and I had to look at it frame by frame…and I love how the first frames are displaced in their form. <3 Really cool how it fades in, fades out and gets displaced and then fades in very intense again … like lighting. <3



Yah man! it was fun animating this out frame-by-frame in Animate CC. Then a motion graphics artist, Mathew DeSanctis, took it to the next level with his mad After Effects skills.


So all being well this should be out tomorrow?! any more updates on this? looking forward to buying it! what time will it become available, i’m sat waiting with my wallet hahahaha

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So excited about launch day. The most longest day for waiting x)

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Yup! We’re still uploading the last few bits. It wouldn’t be a proper launch if something wasn’t right down to the wire! lol.

Ah, I can hardly wait, too!


Today we launch! Here’s the promo video explaining a bit about the course:


And here’s a link to the course: https://www.vfxapprentice.com/offers/Qu6W9SW3/checkout

I’ll repost the content from the announcement e-mail here for anyone who wasn’t subscribed:

The day has finally arrived!

When I first sketched an outline for this class in Feb 2019, I only dreamed it would be this good. I’ve been honored to work alongside a team of amazingly talented artists, engineers, and support crew to make all this a reality. It’s been a lot of after-hours late nights and weekends, and I’m so grateful for the heroic effort everyone put in.

I’m stunned to realize what we’ve pulled off:

  • Over 20 hours of quality video content
  • 30+ particle systems
  • Unreal AND Unity variants
  • 143 hand-crafted texture assets
  • Fully featured private forum and instant messenger
  • Gigabytes of source files: meshes, PSDs, and FLAs
  • Bonus illustration tutorial from a Riot Games splash artist
  • A platform that can host a whole catalog of future VFX courses!

*Note: Videos for sessions 16 & 19 are not yet uploaded, but are currently in post processing. Instead of delaying the launch for a day or two, I put a “BETA” tag on the thumbnail until they’re in.

Here’s some screen shots of the course:

This course is because of you

I am amazed at the power of the real-time VFX community we are all a part of. You all will surely elevate VFX Apprentice beyond anything I could do alone.

In fact, I’ve already received feedback from you guys along the way–feedback that has made the course more relevant and potent in elevating the VFX craft.

We are stronger together, and I’m delighted to learn from all of you!

I’m committed

This launch is all thanks to you! It matters to me that you have an amazing experience in the course, so here’s my side of the deal:

  • I’m confident you’ll love this class. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, you get a full refund. No questions, and no hard feelings.
  • I’ll closely monitor and improve the course based on your feedback.
  • I’ll continue learning and sharpening my own skills, then share the very most relevant information with you in this and all upcoming courses.
  • I’m immediately starting work on the next course (stay tuned for news!)

So hop to it! Visit VFXapprentice.com to sign up!


Heck yeah! Just in time as I’m about to submit a proposal for what training content I’d like to receive through work :wink:

The stuff on show looks extremely polished man, and extra thanks for putting out pre-requisite videos for free to keep the course content tight!

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Oh, that’s so cool! Yah, I really wanted to give a clear view into what the course is before purchasing. Hopefully the free content accomplishes that goal!

Hi jeson, I purchased your course, but I purchased it twice as if it was due to the online Katon problem. Is there a solution?

They are Order #1023 and Order #1025, If you can, please check them. Thank you.

Yup. I see it in there. The second order has been refunded.

Thank you for your quick handling and look forward to the epic experience of the course.:微笑:

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Great news guys, I’ve tried to buy Chinese courses, but now I don’t think I need them anymore =)

The course looks amazing and the videos that are currently on YouTube are great and helpful. Time to save up and find some loose change!

Traditionally a :heart: is enough, but I want to put this into words too. Thank you @Keyserito. Hopefully this can fill in the swiss cheese gaps I have in my self-taught knowledge that frustrate me so. I look forward to the coming holidays, which I hope shall allow me the applicable time this so blatantly deserves. That said, I of course have some questions. My thoughts are of primarily source files, versions, that sort of thing, as it does not appear you currently list that data. My current modeling program is 3ds Max. So my question is… Conflicts? Maya was my first modeling program, so I can watch someone use it and apply the jest of what is shown elsewhere (provided the function exists), but if there is a source file that I need to dig into for the purpose of learning, would I be able to open it without some odd error? Also what version of Unreal 4 are the Source Files saved in? … so on.

With those questions asked, what more can I say?

Thank you @Keyserito.

Thank you.

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Fantastic questions! I’ll do my best to answer:

  • Since we use Maya LT in the class, none of the files would have been compatible with regular Maya licenses. So we just provide pre-exported .fbx files to import into whatever 3D software you’d like
  • The principles covered in Maya are not super in-depth, so finding equivalent functionality in other programs should be straightforward
  • We have a number of .PSDs and a couple .FLAs, so you’ll want Photoshop & Animate CC if you’d like to open those up. The painting techniques still apply in other programs like Krita, or Gimp, etc. But you may have trouble translating things like filters, layer styles, and other tool-driven workflows (unless you’re well versed in those other programs)
  • We’re currently using Unreal 4.22. Given it’s a living/breathing course, we will likely update in the future.