Need Help with Resources for vfx in unity

Hi Friends…I am new to Vfx and i didn’t find a good course for learning vfx. i 'll be happy if you guide me for a good resource :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the site :smiley: You’ve come to the right place to learn!

There’ve been lots of great resources posted in the resources section of the site, like Jason Keyser’s VFX Apprentice , Gabriel’s Udemy course, not to mention Travis’ monster Getting Started post which links to many things that will be helpful for a beginner.

Feel free to post any work in progress you make in the Personal Work category! Let us know if you have any questions along the way :boom:

edit: just saw you mentioned in your title Unity specifically! Check out @Sirhaian’s post here: Unity VFX Tutorials - Basic
Gabriel’s Udemy course posted above is in Unity as well.


All fantastic resources. Also, the Booms and Blasts course on vfx apprentice covers the same assets both in Unity and Unreal.


I’ll try and find time to update the Getting Started thread with the new vfx apprentice stuff soon


Thank you very much … Right now I feel like I am getting a lot of good friends who can count on their help.
Special thanks :slight_smile: