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Cant wait for the content, amazing to see how this community comes together to create something awesome!


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This is amazing!
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One question, i saw the videos you sent us and made me wonder how does making this sort of stuff help us in creating the effect in a real time engine like Unity?


Having a concept or presenting your lead/Art Director with concepts is much quicker than trying to wrack your brain on an idea, or take a whole day to construct an effect just to have it turned down. Also being able to quickly concept good looking art as an FX artist means that whatever you come up with will most likely translate much easier into a game effect, because you understand the limitations of what can be achieved.


Oh, that clears things up, thanks


Yah, @Travis really nailed it. Concept art is a critical part of how we work in a studio environment. Also, this has a lot of educational value. Simpler forms of art (not animated, or 3D) don’t have all the layers of complexity that are built into our VFX tools. By using a simpler tool students can focus on just one thing at a time (the right-brained “artsy” parts of VFX) and master that thing much more rapidly.

The exercise doesn’t give you a complete effect, but certainly builds up the mental library you’ll need to make an effect that succeeds on multiple axes.


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Another entry for the concept portion of the upcoming class. The goal is to give a diverse set of elements for y’all to study in the class, because there are unique lessons to learn from each of them; just one explosion concept painting isn’t nearly enough!!


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Some folks have been finding it in their spam folder. Give it a check, and if it doesn’t show up, let me know.


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Hi! Shoot, I think I should have clarified: I haven’t emailed any updates to the course (other than the automated message you get when you first sign up).

In this thread, I’m just updating y’all with a preview of what will be in the course. My plan is to send emails much less frequently than teasers (so as to not spam people) and to be sure emails have links to meaningful free content each time.