VFX Apprentice



Super stoked to see this coming along! I think I speak for many when I say I’ve been dying for a coarse just like this


How exciting, congrats Jason!


I’m on the list !
Even if I’m a confirmed VFX artist, there’s a lot of topic I need to see that I couldn’t experiment at work or never learn at school. I’m focusing myself on shaders but need to improve my art, and a lot more… Hard to see everything.

Thanks !


can’t wait for this!!! thank you very very much!!!


Great! i am looking for this course in along time :star_struck:


Awesome! this community just keeps getting better and better


Awesome! Looking forward to the gap in VFX education being sealed up by amazing talent \o/


Looking forward to this! Thanks David Shovlin for sharing these insightful process videos!


Wow, so hyped to see what is coming! Can’t wait to see it!


This is so exciting. I can’t wait see what you’ve been developing.

Will this be a course on Udemy or will it be right here on RTVFX?


The current plan is to have it right here on RTVFX, whether at initial launch, or eventually down the line. Still working out the details, but will keep you posted!


Awesome!! Really hyped!! :smiley:


I’m looking forward to asking if there are English subtitles. Maybe this will be suitable for people from more countries to learn.


Thank you for organizing and doing this! :smiley: Really looking forward to it


Totally hyped for this @Keyserito ! Hoping to learn so so much from all of you! :smiley:

I also second the subtitles suggestion for those of us who’s first language isn’t English; reading along makes it soooo much easier to follow.


YES! .:狞笑:
Very Godd .


YESSS! Looking forward to this :smiley:


Some progress for the concept portion of the upcoming Killer VFX for Games course. @Dave_Shovlin recorded a full time lapse while painting this beauty in Photoshop.


Next I’ll be editing the video with help from his notes, creating a full breakdown of the hows and whys for the course.


I love it that you can read the movement of the effect while it’s a concept drawing, amazing use of curves!!


Yah! I tell ya, I was so delighted to get Shovlin for this portion of the class. The guy has a wonderfully diverse set of art skills, and understands the VFX pipe from concept through to in-engine polish.