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Sometimes the only way to convey a VFX concept is to paint more than one frame. Here’s @Dave_Shovlin’s final piece for the first unit of the Killer VFX course we’re building.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be creating all this unit’s videos before moving on to the final two units.

Feel free to chime in if you have specific things you’d like me to teach in the VFX concept painting portion of the course.


This is insanely cool


Yah, one thing I love about working with Shovlin, is I just ask him, “make it friggin’ awesome,” along with a few parameters, and he knocks it out of the park every time.


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As a pre-requisite for the course, I decided to put together a four-part series teaching the essentials of Photoshop geared toward VFX artists.

Here’s video #1:


In the second video, I cover layers and selection techniques. I also give some helpful tips to speed up your workflow and understand how this crazy program even functions:


Any updates on when this will be ready or how much it would cost ?
Really looking forward to the course!


Ah! Those are two very good questions. As for when, the first of three units just wrapped up, and the second is underway. Then we’re going to do testing, feedback, and at least one revision before launch. Barring any unforeseen hangups, I’m aiming to launch sometime before the holiday season.

I haven’t locked in a price yet, but am doing my best to ensure learning VFX is as affordable as possible. After all, the world needs more VFX artists, and I’d hate to see money as a barrier for entry. Once the content is complete, I can better judge how much it costs to create a class like this, and thus how much we’ll need to charge for it to sustain future classes.

I promise I’ll share the details as soon as I know!


Just signed up for the mailing list. All for tossing out some donations or paying for future videos too. :+1:


Oh, wow! I’m super honored you’re willing to chip in. The closest thing i have to a donate button is my Patreon.

The only tier listed is $1/month, but it lets you pledge any amount, and cancel whenever you’d like. I’m currently throwing all my extra funds into maximizing this course’s quality.

Thank yooooouuuuuuuu! Everything helps!


This project is gonna be great, really looking forward to it!
Decided to chime in also as a patron :slight_smile:

Best of luck, to you and all the others helping out.


Just don’t undersell yourself. I’m down for paying whatever you think is appropriate compensation for all of your time, effort, and accumulated experience, as well as anyone else who’s involved. :+1:


Hard agree with this one.


Thanks, Travis. Truly, that means a lot. In a world where art school education can run $40,000+, and mass online learning sites can run just $25/month, defining value for education is fairly open-ended.

This course (and future courses) will be much better options for focused VFX artists than either of the above examples. So given the premium effort we’re investing, we will require a certain price to sustain more content. To reiterate, i won’t know that number until we’re content complete.

When i say this course will be as affordable as possible, i’m commiting to opening the gates as broad as i can to get more people learning VFX, regardless of their geographic or economic situation. This is the gateway course for high end training, and i don’t want interested folks being deterred by a steep cost. We need as many skilled VFX artists as we can get!

I’m a firm believer in the miracle of exchange, where the buyer and seller are both delighted by the transaction. I’m confident we can achieve this balance!


Here’s part 3 of the Photoshop series:

Affinity vs Photoshop

Ok, it sounds really weird what i’ll say now, but i really didn’t understand what exactly is this.

VFXs is a ultimate generic term, it covers a lot of territory, each one with its complexity, i’ll give a very basic example of what i mean: Unity particle System and Unreal Cascade, both are bounded to the term “VFXs”, but different tools (completly), i think you already know where i want to go. If i ask you: After this course i’ll have knowledge to create effects in HOUNDINI (just as example) what’ll be your answer? So this is what i mean with not very clear, a couple of questions may follow: This course is Unity? Unreal? Shaders? But shaders are made in different ways for each software you use. Is it in painting? Creating textures? Where? After effects, photoshop, Krita (different tools)? Got that? It isnt very clear what a VFX course mean. An Unreal Cascade course, an Unity Particle system course, an Photoshop for vfxs course, etc etc etc those kind of name mean something clear and objective. All the best the world can give to you, bye cya.