VFExtra 4.27

Wonderful… Thanks alot for sharing.

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Thank you very much - these modules are very useful to me.

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Mini tutorial resource pack update.

DOWNLOAD : You can download the pack from the link in the first post of this thread.


Grid Constraint :

Allows for aligning particles to a given grid. This is ideal for making voxel and tech looking effects.

The module outputs to particles.gridposition by default, so be sure to switch your position binding to this parameter.

If you have motion blur enabled in your project settings, you’ll want to change your velocity binding to Vec3(0,0,0) as well.

MaintainSpriteSizeOverDistance: Keeps your sprite particles the same size independent of distance. Usefull if you want particles to be always small, but still visible from a distance.

A few useful float curves have been added. You can find them by pressing the Import drop down and searching for NCurve

FadeIn : Linear 0-1 curve
Fadout : Linear 1-0 curve
Flicker : Linear sawtooth curve with slight alteration in height, useful for flickering particles
Sine : You can call sin(Engine.Time) for a correct sine. But this is quite close and is sometimes easer to use. (for the times when it doesn’t really matter)
SmoothInOut : BellCurve, usefull for particles that need to fade in and out without visible transition.

That’s it for now, please check the first post for more information.


Dude you are a prince and a gentleman! Much appreciated!


How did I miss this!? :smiley: Cheers!

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VFExtra Anouncement and Update


Anouncement :

I will be renaming the mini tutorial pack to VFExtra.
The purpose of this changes is twofold.
For one, Mini Tutorial Resource Pack doesn’t exactly roll off the mounth, I want something slightly more pronounceable and recognizable.
For two, I have and will in the future add more content that is not related to any tutorial, so I want to avoid confusing people.

That being said, the modules described in the tutorials will still be available inside the pack.

Grid constraint : Fixed a bug that caused module error when using the script as a particle spawn module.

Get Curl Noise Float: Added a module to request a curl noise value as a float.
(Warning: Slightly expensive for what it is!)

Magic Spline:

Magic spline is a blueprint utility actor designed to speed up the spline mesh(Soulercoaster) workflow. You no longer need to open maya/max to make simple meshes.

A small demo of the tool is available in gif form in this thread.


  1. Drag and drop the blueprint into your level

  2. Build a spline, you can add spline points using the right click context menu, or by alt dragging.
    You can also rotate, scale and delete spline points to modify the spline.

  3. A few settings are exposed in the details panel:
    Control edges: Amount of subdivision edges along the spline. If you notice UV tearing, increasing this might help.
    Invert Flow : Inverts the V channel. You can do this in the material as well, sometimes it is usefull to just have a button.
    Spline Width: The width (or height) of the spline.
    Detail Per Spline Point : Amount of subdivision edges along the spline per spline point.
    Cross : Creates a cross section spline mesh (Usefull for faking thickness)
    Custom Material : Sets the custom material to be used for the next option.
    Preview : Select which preview method to use. Scroll Preview, UV Preview, or Custom Preview (Applies custom material)

4.When you are happy with the curve, select the ProceduralMeshComponent in the details panel.
Scroll down to Create StaticMesh, and click it!
Select a good place to save it, and give it a nice recognisable name.

Yes, it is that easy!



Thank you so much, this looks great!

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That’s awesome bro! Thank ya <3

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VFExtra Update

DOWNLOAD & INSTALATION : http://nielsdewitte.be/index.php?page=Pages/VFExtra.php


Magic Spline Looping support : Magic spline now supports looping splines. Uvs automatically loop as well.

Magic Spline Spline thicken support : Vertex, Normals and Tangents now generate correctly for use with the spline thicken node.
An extra spline thicken preview mode has been added as well.


Ribbon Distance Tiling Module In Action

New Year VFExtra Update

DOWNLOAD & INSTALATION: http://nielsdewitte.be/index.php?page=Pages/VFExtra.php



  • Fixed a bug which caused the sphere constraint center to not align properly in local space.
  • Ribbon Distance Tiling Module.
  • Added an Example Map for some of the modules

Magic Spline:

  • Added Shape option and circle shapes.
  • Added option to enable vertex colours along and across the spline.
  • Added an Example map demonstrating the different options available.

Anim Spline:

  • A new Tool for baking animation trails to static meshes. This is useful when animations are too fast
    for the AnimTrail System to deal with.
    -Anim Spline Example Map.


Cheers mate, great stuff! :smiley:

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Anim Spline looked interesting, but I think some files are missing. The map has only Text Renders and the BP_AnimeSpline had no parent class assigned. I just unzipped and dragged the files into content folder, is there anything I need to consider? :thinking:

Edit: The other map (VFEModules) is working.

Oh, I don’t really have time today, but I’ll look at it tomorrow.
Could you answer some questions?

  • are you on 4.26?
  • do you have plugins installed that aren’t installed by default?
  • did you uninstall any of the default installed plugins?
  • what happens if you drag the blueprint into an empty map, does it give you the same issue?
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Weird, it’s working now.
I opened the same project again and magically all links were repaired.
I’m pretty sure I dragged the VFExtra folder in the project content folder while the editor was closed.
I literally have no idea why it failed the first time. Sorry for bothering! <3

I mean, you shouldn’t even have to close the editor since 4.21 I think.
It would be good to know if others had this problem as well.

Thanks for reporting it!

I added a little download for some of the nicer textures from my texture maker project to my website, so I’ll add it here as well!.

Read more here : UE4 / 5? VFX Texture Maker


The textures are all TGA so just pick and choose the once you like and import as you would normally.
My website: http://nielsdewitte.be/index.php?page=Pages/VFExtra.php
Direct : Download Textures

Some of my personal favorites;


Thanks for these, the flares are quite nice!

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VFExtra Textures

some new textures, and some of my favorites

New version of the VFExtra texturepack is now available.
It has been expanded to 60 textures.

Download: http://nielsdewitte.be/index.php?page=Pages/VFExtra.php

VFExtra Website

Installation instructions have been updated, it should now be easier to download and install the pack.


VFExtra UE4.27


I forgot to announce, but VFExtra has been updated to ue4.27

I also added the TextureMaker tool. It is available in 4.27 version and 4.26
Read more here : UE4 / 5? VFX Texture Maker

Download : http://nielsdewitte.be/VFExtra/

Install instructions are on the download page, please make sure to enable the Editor Scripting Utilities plugin.

That’s all for now.


@Wyvery cool stuff!

Question: Do you have licensing terms for this toolset? If I were to use pieces of it at work, how could my company buy a license? Or is it for personal projects only?

If you want to include license terms in the distribution, GitHub has this helpful site: https://choosealicense.com/