VFExtra 4.27

VFExtra Textures

some new textures, and some of my favorites

New version of the VFExtra texturepack is now available.
It has been expanded to 60 textures.

Download: http://nielsdewitte.be/index.php?page=Pages/VFExtra.php

VFExtra Website

Installation instructions have been updated, it should now be easier to download and install the pack.


VFExtra UE4.27


I forgot to announce, but VFExtra has been updated to ue4.27

I also added the TextureMaker tool. It is available in 4.27 version and 4.26
Read more here : UE4 / 5? VFX Texture Maker

Download : http://nielsdewitte.be/VFExtra/

Install instructions are on the download page, please make sure to enable the Editor Scripting Utilities plugin.

That’s all for now.


@Wyvery cool stuff!

Question: Do you have licensing terms for this toolset? If I were to use pieces of it at work, how could my company buy a license? Or is it for personal projects only?

If you want to include license terms in the distribution, GitHub has this helpful site: https://choosealicense.com/