VaxKun's Sketchbook

A WRITTEN tutorial bout that camouflage shader here:



Finally got a anime-like model to test anime-like shaders and effects :smiley: (yea a lot of anime and like) xd

Next stop? the bathroom :smiley:


Actually compatible with all lights, shadows and can change colors of all the shadows, maps, specularity… but i think i forgot something…

(Edit) oh yea need to search about outline colors




Looks great… Special glow amd light…

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Thanks, glad you liked! :smiley:

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Makin some portal stuff for fun, definetely gonna make som realtime reflections too and particles, but im going to bed :sleeping:

Ah, its fully procedural, the borders and any texture can be polar coordinated :smiley:

Because of the Dungeon Generator big tutorial, im preparing some nice things. An example: Random tileset, I have 4 different tiles, placed randomly on a quad. That will give the environment prefabs a big plus on dynamism (is that used correctly?) making even same prefabs different :smiley:

It saves a lot of time on making this kind of things, maybe combining it with a texture baker can save time saving performance too :smiley: (although that would make all prefabs same again but if you dont mind it can save time :open_mouth:)