VaxKun's Sketchbook

A WRITTEN tutorial bout that camouflage shader here:


Finally got a anime-like model to test anime-like shaders and effects :smiley: (yea a lot of anime and like) xd

Next stop? the bathroom :smiley:


Actually compatible with all lights, shadows and can change colors of all the shadows, maps, specularity… but i think i forgot something…

(Edit) oh yea need to search about outline colors




Looks great… Special glow amd light…

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Thanks, glad you liked! :smiley:

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Makin some portal stuff for fun, definetely gonna make som realtime reflections too and particles, but im going to bed :sleeping:

Ah, its fully procedural, the borders and any texture can be polar coordinated :smiley:

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Because of the Dungeon Generator big tutorial, im preparing some nice things. An example: Random tileset, I have 4 different tiles, placed randomly on a quad. That will give the environment prefabs a big plus on dynamism (is that used correctly?) making even same prefabs different :smiley:

It saves a lot of time on making this kind of things, maybe combining it with a texture baker can save time saving performance too :smiley: (although that would make all prefabs same again but if you dont mind it can save time :open_mouth:)

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Actually optimized A LOT the way to create modular rectangles, so maybe its time to remake the Dr.Strange-Like effect :thinking:

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Know the sketch is finishing tomorrow, but i was too busy because i had a move sooo… :confused:
But! today y partially finished and had some free time, so i thinked: Hey! lets try some more styles.
So this is how it turned. xD


Feedback? :smiley:


I guess the shape is too round for a fire, even if it’s aim to be cartoon-like !
I suggest you to give more upward velocity for the main fire, and much more for the smoke ! :smile:

And also, it’s seems like the embers aren’t connected with the fire, may be give the same amount of bloom and the same color will help :slight_smile:

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This is so cool mate! Can you explain How to make the model looks like anime style like that?
Thank you!

Nice, thanks!


Well, thats a bit of all the parts of the process. First, the model normally is very simple, but have some things “detailed” in model, like for example buu eyebrows, the chest relief, and the pants folds. That way
you know the model will have some nice cel shading there if you are going to use a shader like that.
Afterwards, the rest of the work is on the textures, look at the model of the left, all the details on the things talked before (chest relief, pants folds…). If you cant texturize nice (idk if you arent good at that or dont want to do it from hand) dont worry, you can do some less detailed textures like this:

Some more examples of models here:

Have a good dev!

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Thank you for this information!
It is very helpful!

So, made some bullet effects, need some more work tho.

So i was like, hey! lets do some more cracks! xD


Btw that second crack is near 50 polys if i remember so its highly optimized xd.

Gonna make some tests on mobile to see if its viable to release it as an asset and a mobile asset :thinking:

For new ppl wondering, ive made a tutorial of this while ago: GroundCrack DepthMaskShader Tutorial

Have a good dev! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So, i havent been posting for a long time bc i was hella busy with a lot of things once. But i think i can start sharing some things ive made this time (made a lot of commission that cant be shown :frowning: )
Continued testing my CelShading Shader, still needs polish but ive been quite happy with it :smiley: (btw available on unity asset store :smiley:)

Added a Glass toony shader to the same asset pack :smiley: looking good and can be tinted if wanted.
Made a Blur shader with mask for snipers (and non snipers if the mask is full white xD)

Working on a new Fire Shader asset, planning to make some nice options for masking :smiley:

Took back from the closet a QuadFog shader to make some cool and performant things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, there are some things i cant show and some others im currently thinking. Like new things on the Procedural Random Tileset :smiley:
(same gif, just stating about what shader im talking xd)

Have a good dev and see you soon!


Been testing some things for roots effects, and thanks to simple and compact tutorial, ive reached this interesant thing: