VaxKun's Sketchbook

Ive decided on sharing some VFX in process so i can recieve nice feedback while making it :smiley: AND MAYBE somebody can like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thumbnail: (Hopefully XD)

Currently doing this:

Some other gifs:

Dr.Strange -like magic circle:

Circle textures where made with EffectTextureMaker, then modified a bit and separated into RGB channels to use it in the same texture on the shader.
I think that it needs more sparks :confused:

The reference:
Obviously the magic circles arent the same but i dont want that tho


Love this, so cool.

One idea and perhaps unnecessary. You could animate the camera and match it to the reference timing wise. Either way very cool


Mind giving a little insight into how you made this? It looks great. You matched the particles and their movement perfectly to the motion of the magic symbol.

Welp xD

Because the timing is important, im using AnimationCurves on all the movements, and thats the way it can fit perfectly with the movement. Only use the same curve and it will move with it :smiley:

For other part, this could be done with one shader, but i wanted to use a bit more to play with the z movements a bit. All excepting the circles, are made in the shader with steps, rotators…

Have a good dev!


Great stuff. The more animation curves the merrier.

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Had to do a lot of stylized/cartoon/unicorns effects and im quite busy, atleast ive made some trash sketching xD

I want to star with an “Look at me im interesting” area and a shield(not sure bout how will turn)

I think pentagons are quite nice, but i think im going to try with hexagons because of the symmetry. And the shield will have something more i think it would be nicer on penta/hexagons but wanna try something very circled (obviously with a nice noise xD)
And wanna add the glow without bloom to be able to use it in mobile without postprocessing :|.


Great work! Very beautiful!

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Made the first sketch shield shader on unity for the shield, will do more but atm im thinking about hexagons. Example of it and moving a bit the fresnel exponent because i dont know how to make gifs properly without touching while recording xD

On the other shield shaders ive made bloom was a very nice friend

Testing some particles on it:


Testing more things for the first type of shield :smiley:

Aaaand, started with the glowy “im interesting zones”, headin to add some little particles.

Have a good dev!


Added some sparks and made the effect on hexagons too

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We had an idea on a music type character(like lucio of overwatch, dj sona…), so im testing some things.
Its actually reacting to a song but gifs dont have sound so… xDDDDD

was made with UVs, made anothers with object local postion :smiley:

All that you actually see is customizable xD, and all the sound settings

With other song:


Cool stuff! Are you using a render target / render texture? Or is it some kind of UV trickery via coding?

The “bars” are made with UVs and steps, and its modified with the sound data remapped.
Those “bars” have the same base as the Dr.Strange effect squares.(a bit up on this thread)


at min 20 you will have all the basic info(and a bit more) to get into the shader.


Continuing with the sci-fi effects im testing some, testing some more symbols(actually there are only hexagons, pentagons, heal plus and a line).
Not sure wich one fits better :confused:

I think i like most the last two xD

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Been a lot busy with the project, had to select animator, a lot of sketching, trying final styles for the game…
But! we made a lot of progress :smiley:
Currently some different types of toon shader tests:

Some sketch ideas for the (currently without name xd) mecha rabbit effects

Different types of fog of war :thinking:


I’m in love with the concept of this effect :open_mouth:

Can you give some insight into the creation of those dots that are connected with edges? They feel very starsigny and abstract. I didn;t think that was possible with a unity particle emitter!

Are they perhaps meshes that you emit with a special shader that turns the verts into dots and edges into lines? I’m really curious

It can be achieved in the particle system, its a mode of trails called RIBBON.


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Continuing with the sci fi effects, a camouflage one:

Testing atm, ive added vertex position, so it can be used basing on UV or Vertex pos :smiley:

Usually im very used to do a lot of things inside “dissolve” shader, but overall im very happy with this simpler one