GroundCrack DepthMaskShader Tutorial

Hi everyone!!
Ive made another TUTORIAL, this time to achieve this effect with unity and shader forge:


Feedback appreciated ;D

Of course the mesh isnt optimized because its and example.

Sorry if the quality isnt as good as the last one, ive been very busy with work.

Have a good dev! :smiley:


This tutorial is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Very clear and easy to follow :3

Good and clear tutorial! I shared it in my VK group :wink:

Just did a quick scroll through of the tutorial, can’t wait to follow this! I’ve always wondered how effects like this were done.

Thx!! glad it liked :smiley:

How do I do this in Unreal 4 Enging?:smile:

Sadly, i dont use unreal, so i dont now :frowning:

I tried to make the same one, but failed

This looks so cool! Bookmarkd

I’ll drop this here for ue4 users


Legendary, thank you :smile:

Thank you. That’s great

Thanks for share!:grinning::grinning::grinning:

This tutorial is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for this tutorial ! very clean :+1:

Hi thx for sharing :slight_smile:
I tried this effect some time ago but came across some problem that you don’t seem to have in yours : the shadows!
I did all the render queue settings ans the shader, everything is working fine, but the shadows of any 3D object above the crask are rendering flat, on the crask mask.
How did you set this so that the cube shadows don’t show on the mask plane?

Btw, in the tutorial, you can same a lot of time NOT DOING any UV work, and replacing the UV node with just local position node :slight_smile:

If i dont remember it bad its only this:


I was going to revamp the shader with a simpler way on how to achieve this. And even using Vector displacement for more useful things. But i just saw that Gabriel made a way better and simpler tutorial about this, so you’d be better whatching his: Here's how to open Cracks, Fissures or Holes on the ground in Unity URP

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