GroundCrack DepthMaskShader Tutorial



Hi everyone!!
Ive made another TUTORIAL, this time to achieve this effect with unity and shader forge:


Feedback appreciated ;D

Of course the mesh isnt optimized because its and example.

Sorry if the quality isnt as good as the last one, ive been very busy with work.

Have a good dev! :smiley:


This tutorial is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Very clear and easy to follow :3


Good and clear tutorial! I shared it in my VK group :wink:


Just did a quick scroll through of the tutorial, can’t wait to follow this! I’ve always wondered how effects like this were done.


Thx!! glad it liked :smiley:


How do I do this in Unreal 4 Enging?:smile:


Sadly, i dont use unreal, so i dont now :frowning:


I tried to make the same one, but failed


This looks so cool! Bookmarkd


I’ll drop this here for ue4 users


Legendary, thank you :smile:


Thank you. That’s great


Thanks for share!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


This tutorial is amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for this tutorial ! very clean :+1: