UV direction according to flowmap

Hi all,

I’m trying to write a shader, that need the uv directions in different part of the texture match the flowmap direction. For example, I have a horizontal fur texture, and want to set the fur direction according to a flowmap. Any idea on the approach? Not necessary to be a flowmap though, that’s the one I can thought of that to draw the direction easier.

Thanks in advance! Tried to search for infos, and all is about how to use flowmap to make water flow T^T

Hey, are you trying to create the flowmap or implement it?

Implement it, like I have a flowmap, and I want the fur align with the flowmap direction.

This might give some hints https://youtu.be/tEr3NE_XLbc

Thanks, this video is about normal flowmap usage. It’s just moving the UV according to the flowmap direction, but the texture pattern is not really rotated and aligned to the moving direction. Just sketched a pic about my thought, I don’t really need the texture to move, but want the texture pattern to rotate and align with the direction from direction map.

Linked that video mostly to see if it can give some hints on what you need to do to get it running in Unreal

Here’s some more references for clues: Creating "Comb" maps — polycount

Yea this is close to my goal :smiley: The tutorial and sample links inside is mostly gone though… But seems a lot info! I’m checking all the related posts.
The ‘comb’ map, or the vector map I’ve already got one, and want to know how to rotate the original map smoothly according to it, since for different pixels the rotation is different.