Using Ribbon Trail to Create Sword Trail Effects Tutorial

I made a useful but short Sword Trail FX tutorial. In addition, I will continue to produce Advanced FX Unreal tutorials from the beginning, so please subscribe if you are interested.


I really like your tutorial! I’ve been trying to learn more about Niagara so that helps.

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This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Would you mind sharing your material setup?

I shared some materials at the beginning of the video. Let me know if there are any other things you need.

ah, you’re right. thanks!

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It would be really nice if you could put together a video about

  1. How to set-up the scene for VFX portfolio work or even for presentation
  2. How to set-up the materials.
  3. How to use an animated character for the use of the VFX in the scene.

Many of us are beginners, who do not have a basic understanding of Material creation work flow. All of the tutorials are covering the Niagara part, but they don’t teach us the rest of the things. Just a small feedback.

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Okay. I will try to plan it.