Updated Demo Reel

Hello! It has been a while since I have been able to update, but over the summer I received the fantastic opportunity to intern at FXVille studios in Seattle Washington. I have an updated demo reel showcasing some of the things I learned while working alongside them. I would love to know what people think if they have the chance. Click here to be sent to my website/ demo reel .


Nice work!

Where to after FXville?

I don’t know. I would certainly not object to returning to FXVille after graduation. They were really good to me and the team was absolutely wonderful to spend time with. I am connecting and interacting with other companies as well just to see what other opportunities might be out there for me.

Really nice reel! What engine did you make this in?

I created these vfx using a combination of Unreal, Maya, and Photoshop for texturing